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Astrologer Coffs Harbour

Welcome to William Lamont Astrologer Coffs Harbour

An astrologer living and a working in Coffs Harbour NSW. William has been a student of evolution, modern and traditional astrology over the past decade and is the author of the fixed stars astrology blog. He has certificates in chart calculation, multi disciplines and natal astrology from Kepler College. While he has also partially studied under other traditional and modern teachers and mentors within this period and is continuing studies in associated academic fields.

While William promotes his astrology Coffs Harbour page and his astrology Australia services are 100% online due to COVID-19 & other work commitments via Zoom or Email for the foreseeable future. William looks forward to help service the Coffs Harbour area in the future. If your organising or holding and event and would like William to support your event on his astrologer Coffs Harbour events page, please contact William here. To go to his astrologer Coffs Harbour events page please click here. If your organising a non profit spiritual event in Coffs Harbour, William is more than happy to work with you and donate an election time and chart for the event if interested click here.

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Although promoting astrology Coffs Harbour you will find links to international sub pages and affiliates within the site, one of these is a free birth chart calculator, links to astrology associations an astrology reports generator and a Moon calendar these services and other astrology Coffs Harbour content will continue to grow and evolve as new features such as horoscopes become features for my astrology Coffs Harbour and international partners and clients in the future. 

Astrology Chart of Coffs Harbour Jetty


A few notes on the astrology of the Coffs Harbour Jetty

At 11:30 am on the 5th of August 1892 the Coffs Harbour Jetty was formally opened by the Honourable Mr O.O Dangar MLA in front of a large crowd. While the jetty was first introduced to aid the logging industry, its use size and commercial activity has risen and fallen greatly since its inception until its commercial closure in April 1984. Mars rules the 6th house of daily business and is Rx in Aquarius 4th house of local community this makes commercial activity inconsistent with highs and lows also the  Aquarius 4th house is also associated with local winds and also the mythology of the water bearer. The Sun is truly strong in hayz (sect) un afflicted angular and in its rulership of Leo in the 10th house of public perception and government. This makes the Coffs Harbour jetty’s public lifespan and appearance strong and long lasting while its opposition with mars shows that sporadic hard work and effort is required. What I find intriguing is the conjunction of the fixed star Unukalhai to the Ascendant caution should be used when looking at this as the time is critical however! the news reports appears to be correct about the time. Unukalhai when conjunct the ascendant creates inspirational and vicarious relationships, intrigue, research and the restoration or emulation of past places, events or people It is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. As we know a group of Coffs Harbour locals in 1992 set out to restore and reopen the Coffs Harbour jetty in a non-commercial form and sought a heritage listing for the site. This is common for people and places with this star conjunct the ascendant, see my research on Unukalhai in my astrology blog for an in depth explanation and examples.

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