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Astrology Poems

Astrology Poems

Poetry has a historical and symbiotic link with Astrology,
the below word is my own nostalgic tribute to that tradition.

 The Starry Sky Above

Writ in stars above me
the moment I was born
A starry night sky loved me
a future chart was draw

for a scholar of some word
a diviner of god and faith
that hides away from many
but not from love or kindness
nor this sacred earthly place

for there is a great romance it's lovely
pencil to paper I mark out all the stars
the asteroids of the gods
the planets Mercury to Mars
incense and smells of books perforate the room
between chart math and ancient history learned

I plot the points of slower planets
and scribe the angles that broached the earth
the cross my spirit was given 
this incarnation on earth

to understand what lay before me
is my mission my life's love
it's a blessing i've been given
by the starry sky above

William Lamont 

Lilly Saith Moiety

Lilly saith Saturn, doth have an orb of 10, cold  and dark and distant this rule applies to him, moiety shall be half thy orb of his or any starry muse, when we put the two together the moiety be there total orb of view. And I must denote Jupiter of God thus  justice shall have a breadth of 12, In  the chaldean order of  the speeds of outer worlds, we shall proceed  to thy rocky stars thus Mars his orb be 7, and one half, as he tend to divide not just folk but his final orb in a half,  luminous thy Sun is the centre of the spheres, thus his mean speed be our day, his orb 17 as vast as he appears. Now as we go within the Earth but remaining close to us, Venus orb be only 8 as she picks and choose who shares this life with us, Mercury be 7, his morning thought expressed, her communication in the eve, internal and in response she blessed, while the goddess Moon her orb be 12, and one half, I saith hers is mighty, for she moves our spirit and daily paths, and for that she shall not be treated lightly.   

William Lamont 

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