Fixed Stars Astrology

Fixed Stars Astrology

Below I give interpretations of the fixed stars astrology that I have gathered information on from multiple sources. I have also done preliminary research on the fixed stars astrology to confirm my sources accuracy and have given my own final interpretations. Fixed stars astrology should be used only in Paran, conjunction, opposition, parallel and contra parallel to planets the Midheaven, Ascendant, Imum Coeli and Descendant. I suggest an orb of 1 degree or less for accuracy and assurance of there effect. Please also bear in mind these are general interpretations and hard aspects from malefic planets or aspects from benefic planets will change them to be more or less fortunate, always consult a professional astrologer for clarity. 

     Altair         Eltanin        Princeps      Toliman   
 Unukalhai  Vindemiatrix  


Fixed Stars Altair

Altair gives enthusiasm to go one better than those before or build on a legacy, to succeed under any circumstances. It is of the nature of Mars Jupiter and Mercury.


Fixed Stars Eltanin

Eltanin brings foundational transitions away from group or team environments that seed new growth, this may be accompanied by solitude or going it alone by either using ones mental strength or just being mentally tough to do it. It is of the nature of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.


Fixed Stars Princeps

Princeps is the star of Nobility or figurative and symbolic people. It gives opulence, reverence and discipline to figureheads who don’t wield power but have it. Who lend service or display as examples to those they serve. Natives may show signs of discrimitive aptitude and disciplined in fields of visual art, research, writing and mental ability. It is of the nature of Saturn, Mercury & Venus.


Fixed Stars Toliman

Toliman can bring sacrifice, it gives talents in the areas of athleticism the arts and honoured positions. It manifests duality like in mentor roles or multiple responsibility’s in the fields of teaching and responsibility's for the benefit of others. In many cases inspiration is at the very core of Toliman. It is of the nature of Jupiter and Venus.


Fixed Stars Unukalhai

Unukalhai creates inspirational and vicarious relationships, intrigue, research and the restoration or emulation of past events or people. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. 


Fixed Stars Vindemiatrix

Vindemiatrix aides in mental concentration and brings a change of direction in an area of life that can deeply effect the native in either a negative or positive way. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury.