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Horoscopes Aquarius

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Aquarius is associated with Cambiel  the Angel of bequeathment. Aquarius planetary ruler is Saturn and Saturn is associated with the speed of God angel Cassiel.

Air, Masculine, Fixed, Domicile ruler Saturn

Aquarius your Sun signs broad sense of social obligation and unity but also streak of independence and pioneering spirit, gives you the ability to find your own unique demographic. Your catch is you want to create a revolution of freedom and independence for your tribe and you will likely do this by self-expression and demonstration. This creates a little conflict for you as if others don’t like the unique views it can be a cause of friction. But you love your affiliations and community, and nothing will ever separate you from them weather it’s a family or the board of directors. Your unique outlook on life can be refreshing, interesting and one that uncovers and re invents as life progresses. You can really stick things through even when things get difficult and your ideas are rejected you will be able to persist. You’re a thinker and your ideas do take hold like pollen in the wind just keep spreading those thoughts and feelings, your pollenating society like the Bees with fresh ideas and just like we can’t live without the Bees we certainly can’t live without you.

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