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Horoscopes Cancer

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Cancer is associated with Muriel the Angel of protection. Cancer planetary ruler is Moon and Moon is associated with the strength of God archangel Gabriel.

Water, Feminine, Cardinal, Domicile ruler Moon

There are many descriptions for your Sun signs nature how about the instigator of affection, because if there is someone that is going to start some loving it’s you, I guess one downfall is you sometimes get emotional about your own emotions that’s confusing to you and others. The way you move and feel about your body is important more so than other signs you will also move people with your gestures and hospitality. You have a timid side and avoid confrontation or upset steeping around some situations to your detriment. You may be blessed with a strong intuitive nature that has resounding insights and awareness to your surroundings. Family and child hood bonds or ritual are almost always highly important to you weather it is your own or those who your routinely connect with, whoever or whatever they are you make them feel special.

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