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Horoscopes Capricorn

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Capricorn is associated with Hanael the Angel of guardianship. Capricorn planetary ruler is Saturn and Saturn is associated with the speed of God angel Cassiel.

Earth, Feminine, Cardinal, Domicile ruler Saturn

Capricorn your Sun signs unforgiving and critical nature and authority is what you crave whether it be in your place of work, home or area of expertise. There are lessons to be learnt and you accept these and then implement them in a structured manner. Things seem clear cut and dry in obvious ways to you, and for these reasons you either find yourself in teaching or leadership roles by choice or promotion. In saying this solitude is something that works well for you as you instantly become captain of your ship and things are done how they should be with order and control. You are very grounded in your endeavours and can implement plans exceptionally, ones that you have meticulously laid out with excellent results that make you successful in work and career. However, this can be hard on partnerships and friendships as you can come across abrasive and dry, humour is a useful tool to offset this so use it when you can as your dry wit is amusing. You can take yourself seriously in nearly everything so it’s important to understand your only human.

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