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Gemini is associated with Ambriel the Angel of sociability. Gemini planetary ruler is Mercury and Mercury is associated with the healing of God archangel Raphael.

Air, Masculine, Mutable, Domicile ruler Mercury

Gemini your Sun signs not what would hold you back from learning that is a great question, as you will seek to know everyone and everything you can about well everything. You absorb situations quickly and move on to the next like a bee pollinating flowers. Flirtatious yes but to some extent the kind that is oil in a can that lubricates society you are important to others in that way. You have mannerisms body language is second nature to you either using it or understanding it as well. You’re also a great go between and negotiator a wonderful multi tasker but not such a great confidante, secrets may slip from your lips from time to time. You are generally a great communicator and student, learning is your thing and passing your new found knowledge on is your nature even if it was only a brief education. There are few that are as adaptable to situations as you this is your great trait. And although sometimes you appear to be a little schizophrenic with your multiple roles and personalities it’s really just your adaptability and your willingness to live and let live and forgive that makes you dawn on people in this way.

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