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Leo is associated with Verchiel the Angel of rulership. Leo planetary ruler is Sun and Sun is associated with the leader of God's heavenly host archangel Michael.

Fire, Masculine, Fixed, Domicile ruler Sun

Leo there is a lot to be said for the values and pride of your Sun signs nature and you have both. You want to be respected and admired and of course you will be if that’s your intention. Praise is something you value receiving for your efforts but this is not a one-way street you lead by example and show your gratitude and adornment of others by example. Children or younger generations will be dear to your heart and if not then you will be childlike at heart in your expression. There are few signs that are so giving so adoring and so full of praise, it must be said however you feel an overwhelming need to have this bestowed upon you and if it’s not forthcoming a resentful or grumpy attitude may linger. You will swiftly remove those from your life who don’t adhere to your regal flavour of living. You have a great ability in following things through to the bitter end with passion, so groups and committees will find you at the centre of them organising and leading the charge they will centre around your energy and passion and you will adore them for it.

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