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Libra is associated with Zuriel the Angel of equilibrium. Libra planetary ruler is Venus and Venus is associated with the grace of God angel Anael.

Air, Masculine, Cardinal, Domicile ruler Venus

 We all like to get along nobody likes conflict but your Sun signs nature takes this sometimes to extreme levels and possibly to your detriment.  You sense unease and try to diffuse it by conceding to people, your happiness is in a way developed by appeasing others needs and not your own. This also equates in other ways by sometimes appearing a little indecisive before taking a decisive action, but it’s just that you where weighing the scales your diplomacy is at your very core of who you are. There are many of your sign that are discriminative in ways that bring beauty and love into your life and it’s in this way you shine, there is a feeling that sharing this love and beauty that you have carefully picked is what life is truly for. Things to you really need to be appeasing to your artistic nature and appreciation of creative pursuits and sharing others and your own creative gifts give you joy. Strong belief in justice and equality are deep within your being, you have an eye for talent and fairness your partnerships give you strength and fun and games sooth your soul. Sports where balance and poise are needed are favoured if nurtured, you can be picky but for all the right reasons you deserve the best and that’s what you choose.

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