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Horoscopes Pisces

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Pisces is associated with Barchiel  the Angel of empathy. Pisces planetary ruler is Jupiter and Jupiter is associated with the freedom of God angel Zadkiel


Water, Feminine, Mutable, Domicile ruler Jupiter

Pisces your Sun signs sometimes a little flaky or wishy washy and a feeling of freedom emanates from you a carefreeness. Many of you will excel at losing space, either connecting to your spiritual or religious sides, showing unique creative and or artistic gifts or possibly immersing yourself in fun and frivolity. Either way, you’re a dreamer at heart and your carefree attitude will find you in unplanned situations and activities. Many of you will seek something higher than oneself and there is often a soft sympathetic side to you making you great in roles of counselling, nurturing and the arts. Social issues are common areas of interest and creativity is second nature. You are prone to having turbulent emotions and are naturally intuitive.

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