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Horoscopes Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is associated with Advachiel the Angel of fulfilment. Sagittarius planetary ruler is Jupiter and Jupiter is associated with the freedom of God angel Zadkiel.

Fire, Masculine, Mutable, Domicile ruler Jupiter

Sagittarius your Sun signs  love of adventure and challenge to immerse yourself in society beyond your own, to gain knowledge and wisdom on a grand scale without fear of small details or concerns is your trade mark. There is an ungrounded foolish motivation behind you and its attractive and you add to it with your flair and passionate approach to life. You are adaptable to change and can help implement it in a big way also. Optimism is your great asset but can be your undoing if you don’t have a rest of grounding opportunities once and a while. You may overlook details in some ways occasionally in your enthusiasm, while you are also a good motivator of others and this lends you to excel in your love of self expression and independence either way you are not likely to become a hermit or hidden from the world as it is your oyster.

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