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Horoscopes Scorpio

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Scorpio is associated with Barbiel  the Angel of secrecy. Scorpio planetary ruler is Mars and Mars is associated with the venom of God angel Samael.

Water, Feminine, Fixed, Domicile ruler Mars

Scorpio your Sun signs have a gut feeling about many things and not wait for evidence as you like to go with what feels right. There is a possibility that your emotions may become a little intense at times, you will be passionate and emotional but your emotions will be intense and controlled. You have a depth in character to you and will try to immerse yourself in life to extremes in feeling sorrow, happiness and love you are born with the ability to handle extreme emotions and feelings well, but also with the ability to express them greatly. Many people may think you have multiple emotional personalities but you actually just contrast them in such depth others clearly see your emotional changes easily. You are born with the gift to live life to the fullest to taste the bitterness of all pleasure that is life.

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