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Virgo is associated with Hamaliel the Angel of purity. Virgo planetary ruler is Mercury and Mercury is associated with the healing of God archangel Raphael.

Earth, Feminine, Mutable, Domicile ruler Mercury

Virgo people of your Sun signs nature have probably analysed a few of these reports before and know all the regular garble about you being fastidious, analytical and meticulous in the way you go about things. You would also have probably heard that you are immensely critical of yourself and others as well and of course this is a help and a hindrance for both you and them. You understand natural cycles and can adapt to change intellectually and physically in practical ways. All the things I have just mentioned rolled into one give you the ability to fulfil your mission, and that is to study under others then to put into practice what you have learnt in service to others and finally teaching others all you have experienced.

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