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Moon Mars Aspects

Moon Mars Aspects

  Moon conjunct Mars - Moon trine Mars - Moon sextile Mars - Moon semi sextile Mars - Moon opposes Mars - Moon square Mars - Moon semi square Mars - Moon quincunx Mars

Moon Mercury Aspects
Moon Mars Aspects

Moon Conjunction Mars

You are a ball of energy and react quickly with vigour in situations that feed your emotions although your feelings may not be shown with any sensitivity rather than by your actions. There is no doubt you have the ability to compete day in and day out. A strong physic is likely and with this dry or cracked skin scars and blemishes likely acquired by your warrior attitude or daily routine.

Moon conjunct Mars

Moon Trine Mars

I would best describe this as a continuous supply of effortless physical and emotional strength. You believe in yourself and do not doubt your emotional and physical abilities. You will be quick to come to the side of those you care about and have unrivalled courage. It's not a big deal for you to put your energy into tasks with ease and would likely make a fine labourer. You will be able to positively channel anger in healthy ways and avoid conflict. Good emotional relationships with brothers are favoured, and I would suspect you will likely be drawn to sports as a positive emotional release shown through your prowess at them go get them tiger.

Moon trine Mars

Moon Sextile Mars

It is said that some have the ability to apply themselves with courage, to wield strength and valour in the face of adversity or when simply compelled to do so. You are one of these gallant souls, you need only apply the emotional connection or need to fill a daily chore and you will undoubtedly be a  success. The type of person who instinctively can dig deep when the need arises emotionally and physically is who you are. You may not show much emotion however good communication with brothers is very likely. But do not worry I know your deeds will signal how you truly feel as you are a person of action.

Moon sextile Mars

Moon Semisextile Mars

Do you know how to react to how you feel? Please wait and think about what you do first as your efforts may be misdirected! a little off centre, maybe not quite on target. I would not advise a role in the military as you may not be a crack shot. The issue is you have the feelings right and you have the desire and energy to follow through with them but before you act ask another trusted soul for advice preferably not a brother you may not see eye to eye with them clearly, but another’s views and opinions will be your eyes and ears if your wise.

Moon semi sextile Mars

Moon Opposition Mars

There is a tussling of feelings that oppose your own actions and you may create routines that cause friction. Were you not aware that waving a red flag at a bull is inviting a charge! The good news is that you will develop tools over time to curb your ritualistic behaviour that invites aggression anguish and anger by channelling your emotionally charged self into something positive, it should be repetitive and punishing like boxing or the gym or running you get the picture. Your brash, rambunctious and zealous make it count and put it to work that is what you will learn to do.

Moon oppose Mars

Moon Square Mars

I will make you, I will take action, don’t make me do this! That’s what you will be feeling and telling yourself occasionally, well regularly. When you feel you want to act, which is often, than you will quickly react maybe only to jump on your own toes. Your greatest ally is the realisation that by acting to quickly you’re likely to upset others and moreover yourself. Later life will teach you that the anger and clashes and falls weren’t worth the stress. And in the end you will resolve this with your own awareness by taking the greatest action of all and that be temperance.

Moon square Mars

Moon Semi square Mars

It's not to bother yourself with, well it is bothersome and a little cantankerous but you probably won't act because you routinely let it slide. What is you ask? Well your drive, your anger, your courage, it’s a little lacking in enthusiasm. This is not to say you can’t be successful courageous and ticked off. However all these things will need a little more time and planning. You Just need to realise courage can be summoned and action can be taken just look for motivators and stay positive.

Moon semi square Mars

Moon Quincunx Mars

I need to be honest here so please don’t wield your anger at me, it’s not me you need to vent too. Actually this gets right to the point of the matter, you may not be putting the effort where it is needed to  create the intended outcome your hoping for. Actually your anger, your efforts and energy may be well, entirely misdirected, without you seeing the obvious biff your instigating. There will come a time where it punches you right between the eyes.  Hello, you should have been looking over here, then and only then will you find your natural way to express and energise your feelings routines and actions.  

Moon quincunx Mars
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