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Moon Mercury Aspects

Moon Mercury Aspects

             Moon conjunct Mercury - Moon trine Mercury -                     Moon sextile Mercury - Moon semi sextile Mercury -         Moon opposes Mercury - Moon square Mercury -
Moon semi square Mercury - Moon quincunx Mercury

Moon Mercury Aspects
Moon Mercury Aspects

Moon Conjunction Mercury

If we all had emotional thoughts that work in unison with the intellect, we would all be able to make quick decisive judgments that appeared thought out and articulate. We could have the urge to travel, learn and express ourselves emotionally. By using our past judgments and intuition of future events we could navigate the complexities of life successfully. Both the Moon and Mercury represent different parts of our human intellect, fortunately for you, they are as one and although we might not all communicate like the above you certainly do! in the area of the chart the Moon conjuncts Mercury.

Moon conjunct Mercury

Moon Trine Mercury

A spring flower is cradled in nature and the gift of its first blooming a signal of its emotional gratitude. Just pause and think for a minute who or what in this life has or will cradle your intellect, chatted away at your soothing soul or moved you across your little village or even the world as its where you will blossom. You will always be able to express your emotions with ease, your intellect with intuition and travel smoothly in the area of the chart the Moon trines Mercury.

Moon trine Mercury

Moon Sextile Mercury

Great emotional expression is yours to create at will, and the knowledge you acquire in life will bless your general nature to articulate to those in your presence. Your voice comforting and your general awareness of the feelings of those around you excellent. Your likely to travel a lot which you quit like to do and in the ways you choose. Have I buttered you up enough yet? Well you also like to be comforted with words, so I am just doing my bit in the area of the chart the Moon sextiles Mercury.

Moon sextile Mercury

Moon Semi sextile Mercury

Just imagine you’re at a wedding and everyone has been given there seats with name tags on the table, you know the ones. You take your seat and on your left is an elderly deaf man. On your right is your ex and there partner and your thinking it’s going to be a long night. Next to the deaf man is an old friend from long ago but you haven’t recognised them. In this life if you ever feel there is no way to express your feelings, no way to travel or absorb something. Have faith that if you make an effort no matter how awkward or inconvenient, you can garnish some results and satisfaction. You might need to lean forward and look around at the wedding table of life but it will be worth the effort, in the area of the chart the Moon semi sextiles Mercury.

Moon semi sextile Mercury

Moon Opposes Mercury

What you feel and what you think and say, are shaking their heads at each other. Its as if your articulate practical self is in a stoush with your feelings. I must tell you before they come to blows, that if you take your time and let those thoughts mingle with your emotions. As time passes your great strength will be to know just what to say and how to express just the thoughts your conflicted about in early life, in the area of the chart the Moon opposes Mercury.

Moon oppose Mercury

Moon Square Mercury

Your emotions and daily routines may be in conflict with your thoughts and communication style, so much that you can't express what your thinking at all without curbing them in some way. This is your asset to learn from as you will be adapt at becoming flexible in your thoughts, communications and routines like no other in time. Of course, you will learn this through difficult lessons but it’s the only way to be so successful in the area of the chart the Moon squares Mercury.  

Moon square Mercury

Moon Semi square Mercury

A difficulty in expression is likely if not evident in the way you communicate your feelings, regularly travel or articulate your routines. But not so bad as it needs your ardent attention, as not everyone can express themselves confidently. Some need to work a little harder than others and that might be you! in the area of the chart the Moon is semi square Mercury.

Moon semi square Mercury

Moon Quincunx Mercury

We all have thoughts and feelings but sometimes we don’t make them clear to others. In turn we sometimes don’t respond to others in the way that’s expected. Emotional and unfortunately daily communications may be a source of misconceptions for you throughout life. You are not alone in this magical world and at some point after looking and feeling in the wrong spot for so long. You will come to understand an overlooked benefit to feeling the way you do.

Moon quincunx Mercury
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