Free Natal Chart

Natal Reading, Election or Revolutions of the year

William is not currently performing paid readings. However, if you would like to request a free Natal chart simply fill out the form below. In addition to this you can request an Election, Natal reading (via Zoom only) or Revolutions of the year (via zoom only) in exchange for critic, appraisal or testimonial. All requests will be considered and responded to ASAP.

Traditional Natal Astrology Allows me to help you understand your Natal birth chart, to help you empower yourself through better understanding of your life direction, your personality quirks and flaws and to make the best of your unique talents and bring awareness and consciousness to your lifes direction.

Natal Astrology

Traditional Electional Astrology allows me to find the best suitable times to successfully achieve goals and initiate projects and partnerships. Sush as weddings, business start ups or any other initial action you wish to be successful. The larger window of time given to find said time the greater chance of finding a good one. The smaller window of time given the more difficult, sometimes there are no great times but its worth looking.

Electional Astrology

Traditional Astrology uses multiple techniques to forecast events in the year ahead. The revolutions of the year is a combination of  these techniques such as natal delineation, directions through the bounds, annual profections, Solar returns, directed solar returns and transits.  I use this combination of techniques to accurately pin point the most sensitive areas and times in the year ahead giving the yearly reading focus and practicality.

Revolutions of the Year