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An Introductory Astrology Blog

Welcome to my first Astrology blog, an introduction

Clarity Needed

The importance and relevance of professional sound astrology is not to be understated, those who have shown due diligence and care at nurturing what can only be seen as a long tedious undertaking should make this clear. In this era of social media and the recent Neptune Saturn square a dance of un reality. The astrological community seems even more fragmented with disinformation put there by meme toting enthusiasts and shifty writers claiming to be astrologers than ever. At some point I believe many professional astrologers once had an element of some confused character type in them during their discovery of this ancient craft. I for one am guilty of over enthusiasm but what if I had a mentor from the get go? What would have changed not the enthusiasm but certainly the direction. I believe we need to remain compassionate and sympathetic to those to eager or in that state of confusion that all astrologers had at some point, while be willing to provide the glaring contrast of philosophical and astrological depth to our work that purges the shifty folk from our mists. My principal concept is to nurture and advise the correct path and hope that as many of my colleges do the same to bring the public clarity on the truth of astrology and give our ancient craft the respect it deserves.

Astrology blog, introduction

Fixed Stars Astrology Blog In playing my part at becoming the best astrologer I can be and following the advice of another mentor. I have introduced this blog as an aid to writing about what I have learnt and allowing it to form a stronger foundation and understanding for my astrological knowledge to build on. My ambition is to conduct my practice in the most professional manner possible and setting an example for others while also assisting anyone looking for direction. Currently I hold a certificate in Chart Calculation and a certificate in Natal Astrology from Kepler College I also hold a certificate from Stephen Forrest’s introduction to Evolutionary astrology and have participated in his Australian apprentice program, my studies at Kepler College are also ongoing into the future.

The website The website will contain content that I am qualified to practice, however this blog may also contain topics of my further study's. The website will contain links to associations I am affiliated with and there codes of conduct will be displayed on my website. I do this to maintain the integrity needed to be seen as a trusted professional while giving myself an outlet to express my deepest astrological thoughts. The website will also be acting as a platform for my poetry and energy healing work although most of my time is spent with astrology.

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Blessed be the peacemakers, blessed be the lovers of earth

Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia as an introduction.

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