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The philosophy of fate & free will

I have compiled a short brief of two accomplished astrologer’s thoughts on fate and free will. Please be aware that these are not quotes but my own paraphrasing from reading their texts, in short, it's my opinion of what they were getting at. Below I have references to these texts and my own conclusion on the matter. I hope to highlight points of reference that attract your curiosity for your further investigation.

NOTICE: I have blanked out references to some astrologers to avoid any copyright infringement even though they where my own paraphrases after reading their text (which is not a breach of copyright) I have however removed one direct quote. The below work was always and still remains my own work.

Astrology blog, fate & free will

Bernadette Brady, Discusses the evolution of astrology prediction in line with the evolution of the human race. How the hunter-gatherer was seemingly at the mercy of fate and how we have slowly evolved to become self-determining, how astrology was once black and white and is now seen in HD colour. She outlines the principles of Mundane, Static and Dynamic astrology and its evolution and how we can still find individuals who only resonate with particular techniques. Concluding that some individuals are at the mercy of fate and some are self-determining.

Rob Hand, explains that the modern meaning of the words fate, destiny and providence are quite different from the original meanings. That there are multiple forms of predetermined manifestations and we have varying degrees of free will in dealing with each of them. That astrology provides insights into what to expect and free will is found in our acceptance to deal with what lay ahead and aligns us with our soul purpose.

Ben Dykes, points out that traditional astrology concepts and modern astrology views are not so different. While disagreeing with a principal of complete self-creation, he does agree in principle to sympathy to situations, the cultivation of patience and electing realistic choices to tackle client’s circumstances.

Demetra George, says we are simultaneously subject to fate and free will, that fate is the karma of our own making in past lives and our free will is how we deal with it in this one, which in turn creates karma in the next.

Maritha Pottenger's philosophy on fate and free will leans far more towards more free will than fate and prediction to be used as suggestions or possibilities. An Alan Leo phrase comes to mind while reading her words that of character is destiny being evident in her thoughts.

Joseph Crane, speaks of fate and free will acknowledging that we all prefer free will, however, he notes being free to do whatever we want much like the rich or powerful often brings unhappiness. That a meaningful life is often in line with the cosmos and a divine plan and not necessarily ours. The secret is that astrology is a tool to find consciousness, gratitude and contentment within our lives.

James Holden, depicts fate and free will as two sides of the same coin. That one has free will but one’s character decides one’s choices so by knowing the native's challenges we can predict outcomes to some degree or fate. That fate has a course and to allow it to occur and deal with it calmly is of benefit.

Conclusion I believe while all these astrologers have vastly different approaches and beliefs in the level of fate and free will. There is one commonality with all of them and that is none would rule out fate nor free will entirely there for they all have a belief in both. Kevin Burk mentioned 3 key factors for me the law of correspondence the law of alchemy and the seven planes of existence. These 3 principles show guidelines for the above conclusions from the other authors. Life is less troublesome if we act as an open conduit between earth and sky that there is a plan for us, to embrace this divine plan is to live to our greatest potential to hinder it is to our detriment but that’s our choice. This particular statement also strongly resonates with the thoughts of Joseph Crane I will leave you with another exert from Kevin Burk that truly resonates "The beginning point of a thing contains the potential that will be fulfilled during the life cycle and beyond” The keyword here is potential, life is full of beginnings so at each one call it an astrological election if you will, we have a small amount of free will to alter the original birth plan either positively or negatively. This statement of mine I believe resonates with the thoughts of Bernadette Brady. I am not following a particular astrologers philosophy here just pointing out views that more strongly resonated with my own conclusions. It has appeared to me as I slowly developed as an astrologer I have realised my natural philosophical nature is in tune with traditional astrology's principals and truths.


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Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on fate and free will.

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