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Steve Erwin's Chart Using Esoteric Rulers

Below I am going to delineate Steve Erwin's chart using esoteric rulers, Alice Bailey (1880-1949) developed these principles and her Astrological legacy of the Esoteric rulers, Bailey was born on June 16, 1880, in Manchester, England. In some ways, She was one of the first evolutionary astrologers although her technique differs greatly, her broader concepts of a type of spiritual path and understanding that path along with an awareness of how it can positively or negatively affect natives resonate with today's Evolutionary Astrologers. Alice claimed she had psychic visions and messages foretelling she would achieve some spiritual mission and play an important role in the future. In 1915 she joined the Theosophy Society in the united states, Baily had her own following and began the teachings of Djwhal Khul to her students. Some of those teachings included esoteric domicile rulers.

Firstly I realise many will say oh my esoteric domicile rulers! more to remember, and do they really matter? well, my answer is yes every system I have ever learnt or taken an interest in actually seems to work. Yes I think they do matter in an evolutionary perspective but is that your philosophical belief? your practical, spiritual and philosophical beliefs need to have cohesion and that is a lesson that can only be taught by you and farther time (Saturn) I think of an esoteric ruler much like I do a fifth harmonic aspect it’s a broader harmonic then that of the sextile but because it doesn't produce stuff we see or do people don’t always look for them but the talents and abilities they harbour are more prominent and activated in a chart than a sextile would be. Of course, tangible and practical things develop from those manifestations as do they from the esoteric rulers and knowing where they lay in the chart allows us to see where we are best to invest our energy. Alice may have put it where God has given us his grace. As Alice saw the 7 rays as a source of divinity that filter through the cosmos the closer to Earth the less ethereal and more dimensional they become like the grace of God. The seven rays much like the planets had affiliations with colours, stones and symbols much like the signs. This short blog is only here to serve the purpose of wetting your appetite, Alice has an enormous amount of work to read on this subject matter as I will indicate below.

Basic delineation

We look to the Sun, Moon & Ascendant much like other forms of Natal Astrology. However, in this instance, the sign the Sun is in represents the ray graced upon the native's personality. The sign the ascendant is in or on the cusp of represents the ray or grace given to the native's soul. And the sign the Moon is in represents the ray or grace representing the native's past life. Aspects to these points should be taken into consideration in delineation. But more importantly, the esoteric rulers of the sign of the rays involved should be looked at to find their placement of house and sign. Look for corresponding rays and themes. It should be said that we can look at any point or planet to see its ray and this can be useful to see in what way your Mars, for instance, may be stimulated eg: through intellect or action as this would paint a whole different picture for the native.

Astrology blog, Chart of Steve Irwin


Above we see the chart of Steve Irwin, the Sun is in the 3rd house of Pisces representing the ray 2 Love & Wisdom and 6 Idealism & Devotion, Steve was graced with the gift of this ray in his passionate communication and devotion to the environment around him as the 3rd 9th axis deals with themes of ones immediate and greater environment we find ourselves in as well as communications. Pisces esoteric ruler is Pluto and it's in the 9th house of foreigners and travel.

His Asc is in Capricorn representing ray 1 Will & Power 2 Active Intelligence 3 Ceremonial order, Steve's soul purpose was to strive to create repetitions of his own thoughts. And the soul's esoteric ruler is in the 2nd house of resources values and income.

While his Moon is in the 6th house of Cancer representing ray 3 Active intelligence 7 Ceremonial order Steve's Moon depicting his past as in his early childhood and or past life shows repetition using his intellect productively. The 6th 12th house axis represents big and small animals and past and future routines. While Steve's past childhood and past life esoteric ruler is in the 11th house of groups community and aspirations.

In its entirety, this quick 3 step method does show how the rays and rulers point to his role in bringing an up close and personal view of the natural environment to the wider world using his love, kindness and greater knowing.

Steve Irwin biography


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Alice Baily

Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the astrology of Steve Erwin.

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