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Michael Cain & Fixed Star Deneb

I have been informed not to display work that has been or part of an assignments at certain institutions. So regrettably although this blog is 100% my own work it can no longer be displayed.

Considerations when interpreting the fixed Stars

The following orbs may be allowed for conjunctions and oppositions depending on magnitude of fixed star.

1st, 7.30 2nd, 5.30 3rd, 3.40 4th, 1.30 however for precision use a 1 degree orb for all stars.

Aspects activate fixed stars when they are conjunct or in opposition to an activated light or planet.

The magnitude of a fixed star and weather it is cadent succedent or angular aides in referencing its strength in a chart.

Fixed stars are given influence from combinations of planets generally given by there magnitude, colour and myth.

Constelation Cygnus

Cygnus was the pet of Cassiopeia or son of Poseidon or Orpheus the musician.

The fixed Star Deneb is found in the tail of the Swan or the northern cross in the constellation Cygnus.

Deneb is a magnitude 1.25 Star

Deneb is a brilliant white star

Deneb has the influence of Venus & Mercury

Deneb's procession through the tropical zodiac is currently

@ 5'34 Pisces

Point Interpretation for Deneb( Alpha Cygnus )

Planet Position and Motion

Longitude = 05°¬34'31"(335.5754°), Latitude = 59.9054°, Tropical Zodiac

Longitude Travel = +0.0000"/day, Latitude Travel = +0.0000"/day

Right Ascension = 20:42:02(310.5118°), Declination = 45.3463°

Azimuth = 211.7059°, Altitude(visual) = -71.7079°

Gauquelin Sector = 28(+)

Rise, Set and Transit times for Deneb( Alpha Cygnus ) on 12 February 2018

Using Visual Positions for RST

Using point's RA and Declination for RST Calculation.

Rise Time = 08:24:02

MC Transit Time = 12:02:22

Set Time = 15:40:42

IC Transit Time = 00:00:24

Deneb Influence

It is favourable for artistic and scientific pursuits that are carried out for aim or gain. Lady Gaga has this star conjunct her MC, Alexander Bethor founder of the first German astrological journal (Zodiakas) had it conjunct his ASC, Leonardo Da Vinci had it conjunct his Moon, George Washington had it conjunct his Sun, and Michael Cain has it conjunct his Mercury.

Deneb Mythology

The myth is most easily understood by this statement of double meanings, (Deneb is the star in the tail of the swan) meaning fame due to a story or let’s say beauty that follows grace it could even mean an actual star or bird. The actual mythology has more than one tale or truth and that can also be used literal or metaphorically in delineation. Some myths, for instance, state the swan was once the pet of the Queen Cassiopeia. Other versions state that the swan was Cionus, son of Poseidon, who was wrestled to the ground and smothered by Achilles. To save his son, Poseidon immortalized Cionus as a swan. Another story says the swan is Orpheus, who was murdered by the Thracian women while under the influence of Bacchus. Upon his death, For the use in Michael Cain's chart we will use the tail of Orpheus and Eurydice.

The most famous story about Orpheus is that of him and his wife Eurydice. Eurydice was having a stroll, when a satyr tried to rape her. She tried to avoid him, but she fell into a nest of vipers and she was fatally bitten. Orpheus found his wife's body and due to his grief, started singing the most mournful songs. The nymphs and the gods started weeping upon hearing Orpheus' songs, and advised him to go to the Underworld and bring his wife back. Orpheus indeed followed their advice and met with the god of the Underworld Hades and his wife Persephone. But to get there he had to cross the river only dead men cross that was guarded by Cerberus. He pleaded to let him take his wife back, and after singing to them, their hearts were softened so much that they agreed. However, they told him not to look back until they had reached the surface. They started walking towards the surface; when Orpheus reached the opening of the cave with his wife following, he looked back, anxious to see if Eurydice was behind him. As she had not yet reached the opening though, she disappeared back into the Underworld forever.

YouTube link -

Michael Cain Natal Chart & Deneb

As many would know Michael has a very distinct voice that has made him quite famous. His natural ability to tell a story and make it sound good is shown in his natal chart below as the fixed star Deneb is conjunct his natal Mercury in the 10th whole sign house.

Natal Chart of Michael Cain, Fixed star Deneb astrology blog

Alfie Released

When Michaels progressed Moon in the 12th house work behind the scenes and I might add the house where stars rise, sextiles his Natal Mercury conjunct the fixed star Deneb. He is discovered in America predominantly because of his unusual accent. The progressed Moon was in a waxing crescent phase indicating successful new beginnings and the sextile aspect indicates communication, travel, action and creativity. These factors where all under the influence of Deneb. E.g. here was an actor who had been in many movies but been unseen until now the aspect highlighted what had been unseen by others. I would also note the progressed Moon is exalted and with the 12th house ruler so is very dignified with great support. The fact Mercury is in fall within natal chart only ads to the story telling ability of Michael to alternate his voice and appearance to others.

Progressed Moon @ Alfie release, Fixed star Deneb astrology blog

A Bridge to Far released

On the release of the movie Michaels transiting Sun was conjunct transiting Deneb and the two conjunct his natal Mercury, the fundamental manifestation was of a tail of a star to follow a bird and to sound good. And in his 10th whole sign house it represents how he is seen to the wider world. Michael Cain played the role of a Lieutenant colonel (he wore a single large star on his berate) that lead the Irish armoured cavalry, whose job it was to follow many planes (birds) in a large formation to capture bridges. At the second last bridge he had to give cover to American soldiers that had to cross a river in boats much like in the tale of Orpheus who had to cross a river only the dead can cross. Many men died in the crossing, but they managed to secure the bridge due to Michaels smoke and tank fire creating a mist of cover. However, much like in the tale of Orpheus Michael turned back before the mission to save his comrades was complete just before the final bridge and operation market garden was to eventually fail.

Transits @ release of A bridge to far, Fixed star Deneb astrology blog

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Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the fixed star Deneb.

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