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Admetos Transit Of Gemini

Astrology blog, Admetos in Gemini

The Admetos Transit

Admetos transits Gemini approximately every 561 years, on average a transit through a sign for Admetos is approximately 47 years. Admetos began its ingress into Gemini on the 16th July 2016 and will continue to transit it until the 3rd January 2069 completing the transit in 53 years. The last time Admetos transited Gemini was during the age of exploration from the 2nd of March 1402 to the 3rd March 1455.

The Glyph of Admetos

Admetos is a Uranian hypothetical point its glyph is a globe of the earth within it a cross being that is the astrological glyph of the Earth, above it is the crescent Moon with the horns of the Moon facing up. Admetos is at home in Taurus and you can see the Taurus glyph within the Admetos glyph also. The cross upon the earth within the glyph is also symbolic of the manifestation of Admetos as there is always a cross to bear and the burden of that cross is taken by one individual or entity. The crescent Moon horns up symbolises a bowl of emotions that weighs heavily upon the individual or entity.

The Myth of Admetos

Admetos was the benevolent and kind hearted ruler of Pherae that gave shelter and protection to all Including Apollo and Hercules at one point. Apollo came to Admetos near his death and wanted to save him as long as someone would take his place. His wife Alcestis agreed to take his place after no one came forward. Admetos despondent remained steadfast in his love for Alcestis long after her death. Hercules completed the 12 labours thanks to Admetos kind heart, so he returned Alcestis from the underworld for Admetos as favour for his benevolence to Hercules. I believe the moral and principle is that through kindness and persistence what we may lose will come back to us.

Astrology blog, Admetos in Gemini

Ingress charts

Here are the key indicators I am looking at in the below Ingress charts and why. A key factor in Admetos ingresses charts are simple, look to see what blocks Admetos and what aids him as in the mythology an opposition would be a blockage but over the time of the transit compromise benevolence and diplomacy brings success in particular with Saturn. Conjunctions are an aid, but I haven’t gone into them in this blog to save time there were generational effects in the early chart only. Look to the ruler of the ingress and its position for understanding what aids Admetos in his quest. And look to the Asc to see the sign modality which indicates the longevity of Admetos longing, I have used fractions to calculate the time periods due to the ingress explanation of the Suns transit in the example below being 12 months and Admetos transit in the below cases 47 and 53 years respectively. (A general rule in traditional astrology is that if the ascendant of the ingress chart is in a moveable (cardinal) sign the chart remains valid for three months only, and it is necessary to draw further charts for the Sun's entry into Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If the ascendant is in a common (mutable) sign the chart remains valid for six months, and the Sun's ingress into Libra should be used for the remaining half of the year. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign, however, the chart remains valid for the whole year, Deborah Holding, Sky script, Sun Ingresses explanation) I take into consideration the terms planets reside in that indicate how a planet is implemented and its actions. (The rulership level called bounds or terms seems to be a low level or localised responsibility. If the exalted planet is the owner, and the ruling planet manager, then triplicity is the management team, and the term lord is the immediate supervisor. This is the level that dictates how things are actually carried out. Charles Obert, Page 67, Term Rulers, Introduction to traditional Natal Astrology) Of course there are other things we can look at, but I believe these are the key factors for Admetos ingress charts.

Admetos and The Age of Exploration

(what happened last time we had this transit)

Lisbon was the significant location capital of Portugal

Astrology blog, Admetos Ingress chart Gemini 1402

European countries were having trouble trading with the far east as many Muslim countries blocked trade from Europe only allowing trade to pass through the port of Italy. This was typical of Admetos in Taurus the Italian ports were a manifestation of the steadfast burden of one who carries the burden for many. However, when Admetos made its ingress to Gemini in the 8th house of loans and contracts and opposed Jupiter in Sagittarius there was a renewed optimism about traveling a great distance due to finances as Jupiter was in the terms of Venus and the 2nd house. The ruler of the ingresses house being Mercury was in the 4th house of homeland and capital in Aquarius and in the terms of Jupiter. Lisbon was to expand its education system to tackle the problem. The Asc was in Scorpio a fixed sign this indicates that it would take the entire transit before Admetos would receive what he was longing for. Now Admetos in Gemini becomes awkwardly detached from its profound routines and social interactions are forced upon him. He becomes less steadfast or devout to others and small or short experimentations to find solutions or resolutions are made. In all of this he is kind generous and benevolent. During the age of exploration there was a lot of transformation and idealism around learning and implementing many small solutions to fix problems on a grand scale. The Burden to find new trade routes to the east was to be carried out by the Country Portugal and the man they called Henry the navigator. He put in place many different schools that taught different sciences like Astronomy, Navigation, Mathematics and shipwright schools and was instrumental in the resurgence of the ship they call the Caravel. They also invented the Sexton and printing press which were revolutionary during this transit period. The Portuguese produced lots of Caravels to make lots of short passages marking each new discovery with a stone Cross monument again this is a manifestation of Admetos as he wears the cross to bear.

Admetos and the age of space exploration

(what may happen this time)

Los Angeles is the significant location and headquarters of Space-X

Astrology blog, Admetos Ingress chart Gemini 2016

As I look to the future and the themes the current transit may produce I see similar issues around learning sociability travel etc, but there is a difference, the ingress chart this time around has the Asc in a cardinal sign this indicates that what Admetos longs for may come to him within the first quarter of the transit in this case that would be approximately 13 years. Now Admetos in Gemini in another opposition this time it was Mars in Scorpio and the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. This signifies to me that we were squarely looking at Mars as a roadblock to space exploration due to the underlying anger of expense of it, and a roadblock to the global expressions of freedom regarding space travel remembering Saturn in Sagittarius divides us on this expression and Saturn rules the cold and dark of space as it is the furthest constant visible planet from the Suns warmth. And the Moon is our routines and orbits the earth as do space stations satellites etc. The ruler of the ingress Mercury is in the 11th house of coalitions and aspirations and Mercury is in the term of Saturn again this indicates Travel in coalitions or groups etc implemented in a cold dark place or restricted like space etc. Mercury is semi sextile, so the coalition or groups may be already allies but don’t recognise each other yet. Also Remembering this was the time a plane was shot down over Europe the Brexit was decided on and Space X was testing the world’s first reusable space rocket. Space-X in case you didn’t notice has not only an X in its name but a bold or profound X upon all its ships- rockets etc, here again we see a similarity much like the stone crosses the Portuguese left on islands and coastlines will space-x leave there calling card on other planets? Below are a few quotes from Elon Musk that resinate the same themes from the age of exploration and Henry the navigator’s Portuguese fleet.

“If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like airplanes, the cost of access to space will be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred”

The first invention, Space X successfully tested the world’s first reusable rocket March 2017

“The future is much more exciting if where a multi planet species than if were not”

Speaks of small colonies on multiple planets this is the energy of Gemini

“to have a smaller vehicle it’s not very big but one that can serve that can do everything that’s needed in the greater earth orbit”

Elon Musk speaks of scrapping his bigger rockets to build a smaller lighter cheaper one that can multitask, much like Henry the navigator did with the Caravel.

Quote from Space X website, With BFR, most of what people consider to be long distance trips would be completed in less than half an hour. In addition to vastly increased speed, one great thing about traveling in space is there is almost no friction. Once the ship leaves the atmosphere, there is no turbulence or weather. Consider how much time we currently spend traveling from one place to another. Now imagine most journeys taking less than 30 minutes, with access to anywhere in the world in an hour or less.

If space X successfully tests and deploy this system, it would be a resolution to safe travel during global conflict that I mentioned above, will it happen? I think so…

Astrology blog, Space-X Rocket

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Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on Admetos in Gemini.

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