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Fixed Stars Astrology (vindemiatrix astrology)

Astronomy of Vindemiatrix

Vindemiatrix or Epsilon Virginis within the constellation of Virgo can be currently found at 10’11’51 of the tropical sign Libra as of 20/10/18. This 2.83 magnitude white to yellow giant star can also be searched for under the catalogue names HR4932, HIP63608 and HD113226 and is located 102.25 light years from earth. It is the 3rd brightest star in the constellation Virgo the brightest being Spica.

Vindemiatrix Effects

Vindemiatrix was given its name as it was the star that was rising in the morning just before the time of vintage. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury and Saturn and Venus and aides concentration, structure and communication in disciplined ways, there is passionate affection bestowed by others on the native particularly in maturity and while if undisciplined or a risk taker It may create problems in these areas. It is a star that manifests its full potential over time, as it represents the harvest of the grapes or harvest of the fruits of ones labour if you will, either for good or ill, a well disciplined fortitude would bow well for the most positive of outcomes.

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The Myth of Vindemiatrix

Ancient legends say Ampelos was the son of a nymph (a goddess of nature) and a Satyr (a animalistic human with the tail of a horse, a pug nose, receding hair and erect members they represented fertility, dancing, drinking and music) he was given the grape vine to care for by the god of nature and fertility Bacchus, who adored him from above in the chain of being that stretches to divinity. Ampelos was said to be killed when he fell from an elm tree picking a grape vine and broke his neck, in another myth he died while riding a wild bull in both myths the grieving Bacchus transformed him to the star Vindemiatrix or as he was known by then Vindemiator, the Latin meaning being the gather of grapes ,and placed him in the constellation Virgo, so he could adore him for eternity.

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The Constellation Virgo

This constellation was chosen to symbolically represent the Feminine, Earth, Mutable or Common, sign of Virgo during the creation of the tropical zodiac due to its position on the ecliptic at that time. According to the ancient authors Virgo the virgin was once know as Astraea, who lived in the golden age of mortal men the first humans created by the gods. A race that lived in abundance on a fertile earth that produced goods effortlessly. She was a daimon of the heavenly spirits of justice and her emblem being the scales, were placed beside her in the night sky, which we know as the constellation Libra.


Vindemiatrix conjunct the MC

In an assessment of 85,000 birth charts the top 10 closest conjunctions to Vindemiatrix and the MC all had less that 0.02 of a degree orb the following 3 famous people in order had the tightest conjunction. Pat Tillman (NFL & US Military) 197041

Rita Levi-Montalcini (Scientist during War, 1986 Noble Prize) Andre Donjon (scientist, Astronomer, Military service)

A total of 5/10 being scientists 3/10 being Military 1/10 being writer 1/10 being an Actor.

This data analysis although only small is potent, as it does agree with both the Saturn Mercury & Saturn Venus influences, not all astrologers had agreed on the Saturn Venus influence. The three above famous people certainly were adored or gained financially over time through a studious mind, some of Donjon’s work was in fact in studying Venus! It should also be noted they all were affected directly in some way by the military remember the military is regimented much like study.

Vindemiatrix conjunct the ASC

While the same model conjunct the Asc had the following results 2/10 Scientist 1/10 alcoholics 1/10 painter 1/10 delusional 3/10 military and the famous people. It should be noted that there careers are not so relevant as the people that have it conjunct the MC.

James McKenzie (Military Service, Actor, Producer) & Yves Roumajon (French, Psychiatrist) The Asc in this sample has some similarities with types of job roles in common. The theme is of the mind once again however it appears that themes of elusion of the mind in various forms positive and negative is more prominent with the Asc people, and more scientific and professional with the MC people.

Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto

The third conjunction I want to look at is Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto this is because I simply haven’t seen anyone give reference to it, most don’t reference the outer planets much at all Vivian Robson does (The fixed stars and constellations in astrology 105) give a delineation for Vindemiatrix conjunct Uranus and Neptune but they don’t appear to reference Pluto anywhere. Bernadette Brady does speak of a possible reason the outer planets do not get referenced. The ancients used the parans that refer to fixed stars rising, culminating and setting and planets that co rise or set at the same time, this doesn’t necessarily mean a conjunction in latitude made the star visible and so its effect would be diminished if not visible if it never set then it may have been more prominent (Planets & Orbs, Brady’s book of fixed stars) Vindemiatrix was commonly within 1 degree conjunction of Pluto from the 20th September 1975 to 9th September 1976. Effecting a large majority born in that twelve month period. So globally what happened within these dates? here are a few things. The Vietnam war ended, the Lebanon civil war began and the Space race ended. All of these brought conflicts either to the table or to rest and transformed them in some way through healing or and exertion of power. The other thing to note is Pluto is currently just past its square to this position, so I feel that some change would have occurred and it’s a good time to look to see what that change has meant.

Here is a list of 10 well know people that made up the top 10 closest conjunctions of Pluto and Vindemiatrix for your further investigation, and 3 famous personalities that where in the top 20 all within 0.58 degree of orb. The star Vindemiatrix was visible in France and Scotland constantly and rose and set in the USA during this period, I have not look at individual cases of Paran in this exercise. However Drew Barrymore's is close and is more reflective of the exact myth this corelates with the belief Stars that are Paran and not just conjunct in longitude manifest more literally.

1: Tautou Audry (French, Actress) 2: Richard Baldwin (USA, Killer) 3: Jason Jarret (USA, Race Driver) 4: Christopher Mae (French, Pop Singer) 5: Nicholas Brusque (French, Rugby) 6: Justin Walsh (USA, Reality TV) 7:Marion Jones (USA, Track N Field) 8:Oliver Sarramea (French, Rugby) 9:Anne Alassane (French TV Chef) 10: Joe McFadden (Actor Scotland)

Sean Lennon

American born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 3rd whole sign house representing his neighbourhood, siblings, early education etc. Sean was brought up by his farther John in the Dakota building New York for the first 5 years of life. He was doted on by his farther John but restricted in his diet from commercials or seeing his brother Julian. After his father’s death everything changed as his mother didn’t nurture him in the same way he had nanny’s and went to boarding school in Switzerland as a young teen for 4 years. On his return he found his own way to interact with his community his own way to write and over time he has created a special bond with his brother Julian that has healed wounds between the Lennon’s.

Drew Barrymore

American born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 5th whole sign house representing her childhood, children, pleasure and creativity. She was a child star who gained drug and alcohol addictions due to her mother taking her to nightclubs from age 9, she went to rehab at age 12 and fell out with the public. After leaving rehab she couldn’t find work, she started her own company and would only take on “good girl roles” in her late teens. She kept an honest wholesome lifestyle and made a good home for her family and shields her children from the limelight.

Nicolas Escudeé

French born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 11th whole sign house representing his friendships, groups, aspirations and success. Escude was ranked as high as 17 on the ATP world tour. However, he had a forced retirement from the tour due to an ongoing shoulder injury. He returned as a professional tennis coach after some time off and as the ambassador for Brest Cancer awareness within tennis tournaments.


Now I recognise some people may say Pluto in these houses alone would represent the healing in the above cases, but there is a distinct Saturn mercury, Saturn Venus theme that represent the fall from grace. In Sean’s case his farther restricted 3rd house significations of communications and love. In Drew’s case it was much more like the myth and this may be because at her visual location 34N Vindemiatrix was close to the co rising at 30N her 5th house restrictive addictions led to the demise of her career. In Escudo’s case his lingering injury restricted his income and travel in groups only for him to re invent his career in a more mature role. If only Pluto where involved the theme of restriction hard lessons and maturity would not be so present in these cases. It would need further investigation however if you look at the ASC results and that of Barrymore who was close to the rising Paran there is an ongoing theme of the illusion, alcohol etc. My future investigations will most likely look at Pluto and Vindemiatrix culminating Paran in conjunction to see if the scientific, professional theme that occurs with Vindemiatrix conjunct the MC occurs in the transformational way it does when Paran the ASC like in Barrymore’s case. If it does then this really does point to Pluto in conjunction to Vindemiatrix is arguably a benefic aspect and one that manifests as a change of direction in an area of life that deeply effects the native in a positive way. Overall its safe to say this star can be both benefic and Malefic and all of the above factors need to be looked at carefully in each individual case.


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Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the fixed star Vindemiatrix.

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