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How I Plan My Astrological Year

I am heading into my 7th year of study as an Astrologer in 2019 and although this seems like a long time to study, its actually not in reality. I have taken my time as I have full time employment and Astrology is my muse by night and weekend light. I have found my Astrology is aided not by constant courses, retreats or lectures but by using a break between them to implement past teachings aids in the development of what I have learnt so far. I have now reached a point in the past 12 months where I feel the need to share some of my experiences with others as I believe this too is part of my development as an Astrologer and hopefully will assist yours.

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I would have to say I did plan my Astrological study in a minor way from the get go. I remember thinking I would like to be an Astrologer but was overwhelmed by its complexity. So, my first plans were verbal I was to learn the Astrological glyphs It was a simple step but from big things little things grow. Each year around February I would set new goals it was in year three I started writing things down and purchased my first Astrology software that’s when things got serious. I would jot down 3 to 5 points or goals and save them to my desktop, then revisit them later in the year. We must always remember words are thoughts that have been taken seriously. And words become actions and actions become things. It’s just our will to remain steadfast that brings them to full manifestation.

Below I am giving you an example of how I now do my yearly plan, it was influenced heavily by the Astrologer Anne Ortelee a few years ago after reading her chapter in OPA,s The Professional Astrologer. I will put a link below for anyone wanting to read that article and I highly recommend the publication. My few changes are simplifications and personalisation’s to suit my situation as a fulltime employed person and part time astrologer. I set a review period of quarterly mainly because a monthly review for someone working full time and studying isn’t practical. The omission of objectives and the enhancement of the dream or mission statement for the year. And the slower transits noted by house this is to remind me that plans should concur with the astrology of the year. Of course, the full chart and solar return are required to be looked at but by adding this it reminds me while I am writing it to be compliant and is a good reference when revisiting it later.

(make you goals juicy, delicious, and motivating. Something you aspire too! Anne Ortelee, The Professional Astrologer, chapter 5)

You can find the book here

I believe ones yearly plan may, should and will become more sophisticated and critical as you proceed in your studies, at least I can vouch this has happened in my case. Up to this point there has been no marketing or financial components to my plans, this is a logical next step but for now I am keeping it simple and continuing solely towards personal development and professionalism. I believe it is important to be clear in what you are seeking when you define your plans pen to paper. Where I can honestly say I have had the most success is when I was less muddled and more defined in my plan but also when I reviewed it appropriately, it is easy to get side tracked in Astrology so let’s not forget what our original goals were that’s why we have the plan.

Below my example yearly plan…

I should note this is an example depending on person and circumstance we can add and subtract content such as multiple strategies or plans and you can go crazy with adding transits as reminders with catch words or phrases, but I like keeping it simple so go to your chart if need be.

Astrology blog, astology develepment astrologer in Australia

Astrology Plan 2019

Slower and notable transits 2019


Uranus transits 1st house Creativity genius surprises in appearance reputation

Jupiter Transits 8th house Fortune in the Occult, Loans & inheritance

Saturn transits 9th house restrictions and routine in law religion and astrology

Mission statement 2019


To become a more proficient and well rounded astrological writer



1. Re-evaluate personal astrological strength and weakness

2. Commence writing monthly Blog

3. Join course of study in area of weakness

4. Develop website.

5. Integrate spiritual practice


Example: use the written word as it’s a strength, evaluate feedback from past clients and teachers


Example: carry out a creative writing course, undertake new astrology course in area of weakness


Example: blogging, form or find Astrology group


Example: Above I mentioned that I would write my plan around February each year, and hence the timing of this article as it is said month. The reasoning for this is Astrological in nature. In general, without taking in Natal chart factors the Aries ingress is a fine time to instigate your plan for the upcoming year. Using AEDT in 2019 it occurs at 6:58am Thursday 21st March. Another good way to instigate your plan would be to use the suns ingress to your natal 1st house each year which gives you a revitalising and personal reboot to your plans. The main aim however is to plan ahead and instigate with intention if you keep these thoughts at your core you can do no wrong.

Review period

Example: Quarterly review setting reminders in phone or calendar

Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the planing your year.

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