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Fixed Stars Astrology (princeps astrology)


I first intend to lay out some significations on Princeps and its constellation of Bootes by Robson, Ptolemy and Manilius. Then add a definition of the word meaning from the encyclopedia britannica as many star names mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will then explain my own research and give some conclusions, so please hang in there as there are some revelations.

Princeps Augustus, Fixed Star Princeps astrology blog


Princeps is a giant white to yellow star with a visual magnitude of 3.46 and can be found under the reference number HR5681 in the Yale bright star catalogue or HIP74666 in the Hipparcos catalogue.

Vivian Robson named the fixed star Princeps in 1923 he noted it to be of the signification of Mercury and Saturn, and said (It gives a keen, studious and profound mind, with the ability for research. If rising good fortune, but troubles, discontent and fear occasioned by own temerity rather than circumstances, Star 82, chapter 5, The fixed stars and constellations in astrology)

Princeps Definition

Princeps, (Latin: “first one,” or “leader”) the unofficial title used by the Roman emperors from Augustus (reigned 27 bc–ad 14) to Diocletian (reigned ad 284–305). Thus, this period in Roman history is known as the principate (principatus), whereas the government of the empire under Diocletian and his successors is known as the dominate, from dominus (“lord,” or “master”).

The title princeps originated under the Roman Republic, when it was held by the leading member of the Senate (princeps senatus). Thus, Augustus’ use of the title lent plausibility to his claim to be the restorer of republican institutions vitiated during the civil wars of the 1st century bc. In fact, he had replaced the oligarchy of the republic with his own autocratic rule. Under his successors principatus soon did come to mean autocracy. This usage gave rise to the medieval title “prince.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Princeps Constellation Bootes

Ptolemy says the constellation Bootes signifies Icarus, the one who reached great heights only to fall, after not listening to his father’s warnings and flying to close to the Sun. He says the constellation is of the signification of Mercury and Saturn although the bright star Arcturus is of Jupiter and Mars and there is desire and prosperity from work.

Manilius speaks of either the Star Arcturus or the constellation Bootes (as Bootes was once known as Arcturus) due to translation we can't be sure, however the description given is much like the Mars Jupiter signification of Arcturus the star more so than the constellation Bootes. Most stars like Princeps in the constellation have more of a Mercury Saturn signification this is Manilius interpretation (True is the name men have given him, threatening like he presses forward as one does over a team of bullocks. To those born under Arcturus, fortune herself makes bold to entrust her treasures, so that the wealth of monarchs and temple finances will be in there keeping. They will be kings under kings and ministers of state and charged with the guardianship of the people or, as the stewards of grand houses, (Manilius, Astronomica, book 5, page 329)

To be clear there is approximately 8.5 deg of longitude between Arcturus and Princeps so although they share the constellations influence they are not going to be sharing a close conjunction with a planet or light in anyway.

Princeps Research

I first give points to score how strong Princeps is in a chart that being the following and must be within a 1 degree orb of conjunction and multiple indicators are tallied. 1st house cusp 5 points, 10th house cusp 5 points, Asc 10 points, MC 10 points, Sun 15 points, North Node 15 points Eq Asc 15 points, I will call this calculation Strong Princeps herein.

I have then taken the A and AA birth charts of 562 people of Nobility and Royalty such as Kings & Queens, Sultans, Emperors, Czars, Princes, Duchesses etc, I will call this group the group of Nobility herein.

After this I calculated the average points or strength in each chart indicating the group’s overall strength or prominence of Princeps within the group. The group of Nobility scored an average of 7.45

I then decided to test Fixed star Arcturus using the exact same model to the same group according to Robson, Ptolemy and Manlius Arcturus should score even higher, but it didn’t actually Arcturus strength in the group of Nobility scored and average of only 3.61 so a strong Princeps is more than twice as likely to produce Nobility than Arcturus. This is statistically significant at the .05 level 95% probability.

I then calculated strong Princeps in other various groups for further confirmation and evaluation. The groups are as follows all A or AA charts and scored the following averages. If I mention they are statistically significant the probability that the Strong Princeps in the group of Nobility being True is either .05 = 95% accuracy .01=99% accuracy .001 = 99.9% accuracy.

20,000 Famous People 4.69 ave statistically significant .05 level 95%

37,340 Gauquelin Data & Famous people 2.49 Ave statistically significant .01 level 99%

1,445 politicians 4.31 Ave statistically significant at the .05 level 95%

1,134 Business people 2.54 ave statistically significant at the .001 level 99.9%

3,648 Scientists 5.22 Ave

6,730 Writers & Authors 5.38 ave

632 Clergy & Occultists 4.39 ave

2,570 Visual Artists 6.38 ave

So, looking at the data we can draw a couple of solid conclusions.

Princeps aspected in the chart was clearly most notable in the charts of people of Nobility.

Princeps is far more likely to indicate Nobility than Arcturus.

In most group cases there was a clear statistical anomaly pointing to Princeps being overly accidentally dignified in the charts of people of Nobility.

Compared to all 37,340 A & AA charts there was a huge anomaly at the .01 level that comprehensibly states this is likely a present factor with such commonality in the charts of Nobles only.

The only group to score close at all was the visual artists.

Robson was correct in saying it gives a studious and profound mind with ability for research. As these traits are notable in the groups were the statistical anomaly wasn’t profound. But it doesn’t appear to be the overwhelming influence.

Prince William Has MC conjunct fixed star Princeps, astrology blog

Princeps Visual Artists, Princes Eugene & The Senate

Why did visual artists score highly are there any correlations? fun fact, Princes Eugene has Princeps conjunct her Equ Asc and she is both royalty and a visual artist who works in a museum of fine art, coincidence? Finding the significations in common between visual artists and royalty will be part of the key to understanding Princeps better, bearing in mind Princeps is a little more like royalty than visual art. We must also consider Augustus used the name Princeps which was given to the head of the senate to give his Authoritarian rule legitimacy and that rule after time became autocracy anyway. The fact that clearly something visual is significant and it appears that it must be accepted by others bearing both groups in mind, Venus must also be a significator.

Conclusion for fixed star Princeps

Princeps is the star of Nobility of Kings & Queens, Sultans, Czars and Emperors, and in common folk figurative and symbolic people, it is of the nature of Saturn with Mercury & Venus. It gives opulence, reverence and discipline to figureheads who don’t wield power but have it. Who lend service or display as examples to those they serve. Natives may show signs of discrimitive aptitude and disciplined in fields of research writing and mental ability.

References for Princeps

Vivian E. Robson 1923 The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology

Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.329

Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, chapter 10

Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the fixed star Princeps.

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