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Fixed Stars Astrology (toliman astrology)


I will endeavour to lay out some significations on Toliman and its constellation of Centaur by the astrologers Robson, Brady, Hoffman, Coder, Ptolemy and Valens. Then ponder the star names meaning as many star names mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will then explain my own research and give some conclusions.

Chiron teaches Achillies, Fixed Star Toliman astrology blog

Achillies was the student at the feet of Chiron

Toliman Astronomy

Toliman is currently at a longitude of 29'25 and declination of 60S49 Scorpio its astronomically known as alpha Centaurus and is the closest of the fixed stars to earth with light only taking 4 years to reach us. It’s of a white to yellowish nature and is a binary star with magnitudes 0.01, It’s the fourth brightest in the night sky. And is found on the left foot of the Centaurus constellation and many in the southern hemisphere would recognise it as the left of the two pointer stars below the southern cross also known as the constellation Crux.

Toliman's constellation Centaurus

Ptolemy says of Centaurus. The stars in the human part of the figure are of the same influence as Venus and Mercury; the bright stars in the horse’s part are like Venus and Jupiter.

Toliman is in the horses part or lower hoof of the constelation Centaur, and it is also interesting to note that some depicted the lower half of the centaurs as a goat, and the top half carrying a water jug and animal. As this next astronomical reference from Valens will validate the symbolism of both these.

Valens says of Centaurus It has … stars. According to the Sphaerica,

In the south the rear of Centaurus set <while Capricorn is rising>. The Goat

In the south the rest of Centaurus set <when Aquarius rises>. The Water Bearer

Toliman Name Meaning and Mythology

Toliman is also known as Bungula and Alpha Centaurus, the meaning of Toliman is heretofore and hereafter while the meaning of Bungula is unclear some speculated it means hoof while Alpha Centaurus is to be the first or dominant centaur or couple of centaurs a creature that is half horse or goat and half human. Mythology tells of Pholos removing a poison tip from Chiron the wise teacher and centaur, who had been in eternal agony from the arrow as he was immortal, while doing so Pholos pricked himself and died as he was not immortal. Chiron chose to give his immortality to Prometheus and died relieving his agony, and they were both arguably placed in the sky as the Centaur. Taking into account Valens and Ptolemy’s observations, the myth and nature of a centaur and the fact it has multiple names, it soon becomes clear that there is an element of benefit through hard work, sacrifice, and duality associated with Toliman.

Important References for Toliman

Bernadette Brady

Bernadette says Toliman can be used on the MC, AS, DS, and IC between latitudes of 29° South and 29° North. Further than 29 where it never rises it lessons the effect and further south where it never sets it is strengthened.

Ebertin Hoffmann

Bungula has a Jupiter Venus nature, but there is an added peculiarity that relationships with females often seem spoiled or an existing happy relationship with females is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Well placed Bungula may help the native to gain a position of honour and power.

Erol Judd Coder

Erol mentions the existence of artefacts showing the likeness of centaurs on Mycenean jewellery that shows two centaurs together. And in some cases he says they were shown as half goat and half man.


Bungula, It gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honour.

Robson also gives delineations of conjunctions with the various planets and it would appear the Venus, Jupiter connotations that Ptolemy wrote are agreed with by Robson in general.

Toliman AS Research

In an assessment of 85,000 birth charts, I have narrowed the top ten AA rated charts with the closest conjunctions with Toliman and the Ascendant in order of accuracy. I do this in order to shed some light on how this aspect may affect the natives actions, personality, reputation and in general who they are or were. All of the below charts have conjunctions with less than 1 degree of orb.

1 – Murderer, Male taken from Gauquelin data

2 – Military personnel, taken from Gauquelin data

3 – Dorgeres, Henri (D’Halluim)

A leader to peasants prior to WW2 sacrificed himself on there behalf and was incarcerated during the war only to be released upon the liberation of France for his hard work with the French resistance. Born at a declination of 50 N 40.


4 – Actor, taken from Gauquelin data

5 – Military personnel, taken from Gauquelin data

6 – Buchner, Herman

Austrian born pilot become fighter pilot trainer and during WW2 Luftwaffe fighter ace was awarded knights cross of iron cross at wars end for bravery and battlefield leadership he was shot down 5 times during the war only to return to the sky’s each time. At wars end he founded the Berlin aeroclub for the allies before returning to Austria where he continued teaching pilots. Born a at declination of 49 N 27.

7 – Roy Patrick

Canadian born ice hockey player and goal tender, initially playing for a team he disliked and become well known for his captaincy and playing under pressure. Left the national league to become administrator and coach of national junior team. Born at a declination of 46 N 47.

8 – Feutrier Alain

French born 2 time Olympic skier that didn’t win a medal, he left the sport and started a ski school business where he is the key instructor. Born at a declination of 45 N 14.

9 – Eydoux Henri Paul

French born author who wrote and taught the history of archaeology. Born at a declination of 43 N 13.

10 – Chapelan Maurice

French born journalist ,essayist and scriptwriter. He was an academic who focused on the French language, reading and writing and was best known by his pseudonym (Aristide) from a column he wrote about the usage of grammar in newspapers and not his real name Maurice Chapelan. Born at a declination of 44 N 56.

As conjunct Toliman Conclusion

We can see from this sample that there is an element of sacrifice, teaching and success present in all the known famous cases. And while we cannot speculate to much about the other 4 we can assume without much risk that the two military personnel would have undoubtedly had some level of sacrifice training and leadership present in there life. Also, worth noting is the fact that Toliman would have never risen in the sky at there latitude of birth for any of the top 10 or where they lived most of there life, and yet its conjunction appears overwhelmingly significant. I am not discounting Brady’s work or observations with parans, as I noted in my research on the fixed star Vindemiatrix in an earlier blog, It did seem to make the effects stronger when in a Paran relationship. What this does seem to indicate is if the conjunction is close no matter if the star is visible in the sky or not the effect is still significant to the native. The only other point I wish to make, is the reference that Ebertin Hoffman makes in relation to stricken or strained relationships with women doesn’t appear to be to visible. Although I would agree that in a few cases male masculinity appears to be strong.