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Fixed Stars Astrology (unukalhai astrology)


Unukalhai or Unuk Al Hay is derived from the Arabic term Un Al Ayyah meaning the neck of the snake and has in the past also been known as the serpents heart or Alyat a word of unknown origin, possibly oriental and is a word associated with the eastern sheep’s broad tail. It’s a pale yellow colour 2nd magnitude star and sits in the neck of the constellation Serpens Caput. Currently as of 2019 it shares the zodiacal longitude of 22 degrees Scorpio by precession and is approximately 6 degrees north in declination.

Unukalhai Constellation Serpens Caput (ser):

Firstly, let’s look at the name meaning of Unukalhai constellation Serpens Caput (ser). Serpens is the Latin feminine noun for snake while Caput is the Latin neutral word for head. Serpens Caput is one part of a larger picture in that together with constellations Ophiuchus and Serpens Cauda they form in the sky the snake that passes through the healer. In many older star maps Serpens Caput and Cauda were shown as one constellation as they are the head and tail of the one snake that is simply separated by the constellation Ophiuchus in the night sky. While Serpens Caput lies just north of the zodiac constellations of Libra and Scorpio from -5 to +20 in declination and along the 16th parallel in right ascension, you will find it is most clearly visible at midnight in May and June of each year.

Unukalhai Past Signification:

Ptolemy only gave a reference to the constellation Serpens in general saying that its stars were of the nature of Saturn and Mars. While Robson believed the star manifested as immorality, accidents, violence or the danger of poison. Brady doesn’t mention its signification but does mention the star by the name Alyat (the broad eastern sheep’s tail). While Ebertin and Hoffman called the star simply Unuk and also gave it the signification of Mars and Saturn, while also stating it has destructive tendency’s.

Mother and Daughter, fixed star Unukalhai astrolgy blog

Unukalhai Mythology:

Serpens the snake appears in the sky to be passing through Ophiuchus and sometimes coiled around his staff. Ophiuchus in Greek mythology was Asclepius the healer that was famed at being so good he could bring back the dead to life and was punished by thunderbolts for doing so by the God Jove and placed in the sky. It is said that Asclepius upon killing a snake, watched as another snake appeared and proceeded to bring the dead snake back to life by placing a herb on its head. Asclepius then proceeded to learn all he could about their healing properties hence forth becoming the god in the heavens holding the healing power of the snake.

Unukalhai Research:

Ascendant Conjunct Unukalhai:

1-Miguel, Martinez – Miguel is a French cross country cyclist who won gold in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games and is a 5 time world champion. His father was a great cyclist before him and had one the king of the mountain title in the tour de France. In fact his family has a great tradition as cyclists, midlife saw him move to road racing and not do as well less racing and domestic violence claims plagued his career. He made a return to cross country in recent years and although not as dominant as in early life at 37 still competitive at the highest level.

2-Paul, Coia – Scottish radio personality that was the first voice heard ever on channel 4 as the continuity announcer. Is known for selling audio aids on television and is a voice coach and corporate speaker. He also became involved in the game show development for the BBC.

3-Lily, Laskine – Lilly French born to Russian immigrants her parents where both accomplished musicians, she first learnt the piano from her mother before learning the harp. She become interested not only playing it but through a catholic interest in it past literature regardless of genre and she uncovered unknown historical works like Gossec’s symphony concerto for two harps.

4-Diego, Costa – Diego grew up in a remote region of Brazil, his father named him after the great Diego Maradona and was a massive football fan. He encouraged his son to play football in the street. Upon sending him to live with his uncle in the city of Sao Paulo he joined his first real club and commenced working his way up. He was chosen for Brazil and Spain but chose the colonial country over Brazil.

5-Hendrick, Van Loon – Dutch born become American citizen was a writer journalist and historian. His niche was children’s history books on Dutch and general history. He was married 3 times before remarrying his second wife again. And was knighted by the Dutch Queen for his help broadcasting allied propaganda to people in the Netherlands during its occupation.

6-Henery, Jacomy – French writer with 12 known works but little is known of his life.

7-Pierre, Chenal – Belgium born director and screenwriter, was married to a Czech born actress and because he was Jewish had to flee France during WW2 for Argentina. Upon his return his work was not as popular and success.

8-Ernesto, Maserati – Ernesto was the Son of a railway engineer and engine enthusiast. He and his 6 other brothers become enthusiastic about engines also and develop their own in their spare time and begin racing them. They become so well know they for it they get financial backing to build there Maserati race cars for a large corporation. Eventually Ernesto the youngest engineering brother develops Maserati’s first production car before leaving the company.

9-Marie, D’agoult – Marie was a French writer, among writing fiction articles on literature, music and art, she wrote a book on the history of the 1848 French revolution and it is still regarded as the best historical resource for that time. She eventually focused on writing about history and politics and also introduced the French people to foreign works like that of Emerson.

10-Francis, Tayeau – Francis was a French research biologist and professor at the university of Bordeaux. He wrote text books on study acts and experimental research theories.

Conclusion As Conjunct Unukalhai:

From the small yet accurate sample above I can definitely concur with the Saturn Mars signification given to it in the past. However, I would add that the Saturn signification appears to be most dominant in this sample and Mars acts in separating or breaking ways. Overall I can see the star appears to be mostly associated with the past or time, family appears to be a strong theme as well as speaking for those who cannot speak and the restoration and the percurrent of facts and separating or unearthing of past times.

Midheaven Conjunct Unukalhai:

1-Rose, Murphy - American R&B singer and pianist was popular in the 1940’s was known for adding a high pitched chee chee sound in each track. Her songs where full of percussion and eccentric creativity that was bizarre novel but in some way adorable. She once sang pennies from heaven on a otherwise silent film. Died at the age of 76 and had four husbands but no children during her life.

2-Ermanno, Olmi – Olmi was an Italian film director who started making documentaries and short films, later making feature films. His films could be generalised as having a spiritual or social focus to them and he had a disposition to re-create nostalgia from the past.

3-Roger, Deleplanque

(No information)

4-Claude, Decaux Jean - French entrepreneur famous for giving cities free bus shelters, lamp posts etc for exchange of his company advertising on them. Created Frances first successful self-service bicycle hire company. Lived a private life and funded the restoration of the burial site and home of former president of France Charles de Gaulle. He also restored an old home that has become a celebrated hotel restaurant, Hostellerie La Montagne. The company he ran is now run by his 3 sons, and a 3rd generation of his family is will soon also be working for the company.

5-Max, Blokzijl – Dutch born singer and journalist moved to Berlin and became a Nazi sympathiser over time. After Germanys' occupation of the Netherlands he moved there and become head of the Dutch press on behalf of the Nazi propaganda machine. Upon the liberation of the Netherlands he was one of the first to be executed for treason.

6-Marie Anne, Romand - Was a French homicide victim, murdered along with her husband in a situation of family violence by their son Jean-Claude, he also killed his own wife and kids and other people in his blind rage.,_Anne_Marie

7- Sir, Douglas Young – Scottish Judge and unsuccessful liberal politician was knighted in 1935.

8-Rene, Vigo – French lawyer and president of the bar association of Aube, a novelist who may have taken stories from his work to help create his novels as they were in general about crime and murder.

9-Joseph, Dechelette – French archaeologist and author, wrote the prehistoric textbook on French, Celtic and Roman archaeology. He excavate with his uncle at Mont Beuvray and wrote 120 books and articles.

10-Alana, Ladd – American actress, Alana was the daughter of the silent man Alan Ladd and silent film actress Sue Carol. In fact, Alana Ladd was part of a Ladd dynasty of actors. She played the part of Scilla in (Dual of Champions) a 5th century film about rival kingdoms Rome and Alba with her farther Alan Ladd who played the leading part of Horatio.

Conclusion MC Conjunct Unukalhai:

I can only concur with the first conclusion that the Saturn Mars signification given to it in the past is correct. However, I would add that the Saturn signification appears to be most dominant in this sample and Mars acts in separating or breaking ways. Overall I can see the star appears to be mostly associated with the past or time, family appears to be a strong theme as well as speaking for those who cannot speak and the restoration and the percurrent of facts and separating or unearthing of past times.

Unukalhai T Test Research

After gaining insight from the 20 natives charts above I looked closer at the more dominant vocations and carried out some T tests, the results below give us further insights. The groups are all A or AA charts and scored the following averages. If I mention it is statistically significant, the probability that the Unukalhai in the group mentioned is the reason it’s True is either .05 = 95% accuracy .01 = 99% accuracy .001 = 99.9% accuracy.

Writers MC conjunct Unukalhai: score 2.75 Ave over 5535 Charts

Biologists/Engineers MC conjunct Unukalhai: 2.00 Ave over 5037 Charts

Singers/Musicians MC conjunct Unukalhai: 2.96 Ave over 2830 Charts

Monarchs/Nobility MC conjunct Unukalhai: 4.54 Ave over 279 Charts

Religious/Spiritual figure MC conjunct Unukalhai: 6.11 Ave over 384 Charts

The results did not show a statistically dominant field or vocation that manifested with the conjunction of Unukalhai to the MC (minor searches not shown above). The Average scores don’t indicate this either as a high average is normally 5.00 + the one exception being the religious section scored higher because of the small sample and the charts had tighter conjunctions. I believe this concurs with my opinion above that Unukalhai manifests in vocation and is not specific to a type of career. The other is that the two groups that did score the higher averages although smaller samples were used, indicates an agreement with what we found in the above research, as both religion and nobility is often hereditary in nature therefore corresponding to the mythology and research findings that family and the past is significant.

History Books, fixed star Unukalhai astrolgy blog

Unukalhai Overall Conclusion:

I would say there really wasn’t a vast difference between the manifestations of the MC or Asc in the natives charts, and would associate this fact with the star not being associated with one’s career or the way one is seen but both such as a vocation. Singing in some cases were present but it wasn’t as evident as the ancient astrologers suggested. Robson’s delineation of it being associated with accidents, immorality, and violence where nearly non-existent in this sample and there was zero signs of poisoning. Like when looking at any fixed star it is imperative to look at hard aspects or conjunctions from malefics etc that are likely the cause of these manifestations not the star itself and vice versa with the benefic’s. 50% of the natives charts had a strong family theme to them that I found substantial, others didn’t have enough information regarding family to prove so. What the star does imply can be taken from the mythology like this, the snake that dies inspires the new snake and the new snake heals the one that dies. This is very symbolic of many of the above peoples lives as a parent had inspired there child to be like them and the child’s accomplishments healed the parent. In a way it’s about vicariously living through the native like the snake passes through Asclepios. In the meaning of its other name Alyat, the broad eastern sheep’s tail, (broad-comprehensive, eastern-rise sheep-followers tail-story) her we can see the meaning repeated. In not all cases could I find substantial information on the natives, and therefore not all cases could I confirm the family dynamic. However, it was the most dominant evidence and fits the mythology. I would also consider that first snake of inspiration etc necessarily needs to be a family member but maybe an event etc like the French revolution etc.

My final signification for Unukalhai: Unukalhai is of the nature of Saturn and Mars it lends to inspirational and vicarious relationships, intrigue, research and the restoration or emulation of past events or people.

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Astrology Blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the fixed star Unukalhai.

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