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Jupiter in Capricorn, Transit and History


In this article I will outline how Jupiter operates while it transits the sign of Capricorn, the generational historical effects of the transit and factors to take into consideration. Finally, I will outline how it may generationally manifest as it begins its next transit of Capricorn beginning 03/12/19 – 19/12/20.

Considerations of Jupiter in Capricorn

Some factors I will take into consideration are its aspects to the generational or outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Also, the condition of Saturn the Domicile ruler of Capricorn, the sign in transit as when dignified compared to undignified gives greater or lesser assistance. And possible reception from Saturn to Jupiter that gives great assistance in manifesting dignified outcomes. I have chosen to use the Placidus house system in this instance, I believe it is best used when dealing with issues involving timing and ingress charts. Although I am looking at the generational planets in this instance I, am still using traditional rulership.

The Nature of Jupiter

When Jupiter is well dignified he is Just, faithful, optimistic and honourable however when debilitated can be carless, gluttonous and boastful. In people and places,

he manifests in court houses and magistrates, Politicians and houses of parliament, Scholars and universities, clergy and places of worship or where the individual integrates into the wider world.

The Nature of Capricorn

Capricorn creates an environment for the planets within it to instigate actions but not in an abrupt way. To be grounded in day to day routines yet be adaptable to those routines and nurtures a pessimistic environment where safety flourishes over optimism. Time is a key factor as the longer spent in the Capricorn environments more disciplined structure either creates solutions to difficulties or shuts them down, whereas with opportunities or talents it creates solid realities and manifestations.

Manifestations of Jupiter in Capricorn

Firstly, Jupiter is in detriment in Capricorn the sign oppose its exaltation of Cancer, these opposite signs create opposing environments for the planet to operate in. So, Jupiter excels in Cancer because its environment allows Jupiter to be its authentic self. But in Capricorn it is curtailed by its environment and can’t manifest in its most natural way. Now all opposing signs have commonalities, and in this case it’s that both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal Feminine signs. So, Jupiter will still instigate during this transit and it will do so subtly. However, unlike in Cancer Capricorns dower and dry environment will not allow Jupiter to be so optimistic and growth will be curtailed. Capricorns regimentation will neutralise Jupiter’s flamboyance and create structure and rules for Jupiter to adhere to before allowing growth or expansion. This is why if individuals or organisations operate in a dignified manner business, government and institutions will often set firm foundations under this transit, but if they act in an undignified way then they may come unstuck. Jupiter naturally signifies, court houses and magistrates, Politicians and houses of parliament, Scholars and universities, clergy and places of worship etc, these natural significators of Jupiter will be regulated, restricted, challenged and given due reward or ridicule over the course of this transit.

Astrology blog, Jupiter in Capricorn

Last transit of Jupiter in Capricorn 19/12/07 - 06/01/09

astrology blog, jupiter in capricorn, 2007

Jupiter left a conjunction with Pluto (powerful expansion wines down) in Sagittarius and semi sextiles (averse) Neptune in Aquarius (unseen waste over expansion & deterioration) and while trining Saturn its despositer in Virgo where Saturn was peregrine for most of the transit (subtle assistance due to red tape)

This transit contained the global financial crisis of 2008 the worst since the great depression. A US election saw Barack Obama elected as the 44th President. A Russian election saw Dimitry Medvedev elected President. The Olympic games in China deals with smog. Bosnian war criminal Radovan Karadzic extradited to the Hague for war crimes. And Kosovo declare independence.

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2nd last transit of Jupiter in Capricorn 03/01/96 - 22/01/97

astrology blog, jupiter in capricorn, 1996

Jupiter was semi sextile (averse) Pluto in reception in Sagittarius (unseen organised powerful growth) and would conjunct Neptune in Capricorn (unreality in government and business) while Saturn in Pisces would be in mutual reception by trine during the transit (making ideal real) However, Saturn Jupiter’s despositer was Peregrine for part of the transit (lack of assistance due to poor boundaries and strong foundations however, restrictions in wasting such as the immune system)

This transit contained the elections of Netanyahu in Israel Yeltsin in Russia Clinton in USA and peaceful elections in Bosnia. The Olympic games where held. Great gains in the fight against aids where maid. The Unabomber was arrested.

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3rd last transit of Jupiter in Capricorn 20/01/84 – 07/01/85

astrology blog, jupiter in capricorn, 1984

Jupiter was first partile conjunct Neptune (large scale illusion or wasting) then sextiles Pluto ( powerful healing or scarring, implementing a transition) and sign despositer Saturn in Scorpio ( instigation or hearing of organizations that will have firm foundations ) Jupiter’s despositer Saturn was peregrine for parts of the transit. (assistance was limited and subtle allowing for more growth but with less structure)

Indira Gandhi assassination due to her Sikh crackdown. CIA chief in Lebanon abducted and tortured. Miss America striped of her crown due to nude photos. The first MTV awards aired. Hong Kong returned to China. UK miners strike. First transatlantic balloon flight completed. Space shuttle discovery maiden voyage and first untethered spacewalk. The Tetris game was launched. HIV aids was identified. Reagan one the USA election. First woman ran on presidential ticket Geraldine Ferraro. Longest MLB game ever recorded. USSR boycotted the Olympic games. Apple ran an ad at super bowl 84 starting a tradition of famous adverts at the event.

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4th last transit of Jupiter in Capricorn 07/02/72 - 23/02/73

astrology blog, jupiter in capricorn, 1972

Jupiter Squared Pluto (organizations force powerful changes) then Uranus in Libra (organizations implement ideas and mechanisms diplomatically) and was inconjunct its despositer Saturn Capricorns ruler in Gemini during the transit (structured talks and communication have unknown consequence) Jupiter’s despositer Saturn spent most of its time in its face of Taurus and day triplicity rulership of Gemini during the transit. (business deals were well disciplined and grounded)

Terrorists murder 11 Israeli athletes at Munich Olympic games. Britain takes control of northern Ireland. Ford sworn in as VP of USA while Nixon is president during Watergate. Queen Elizabeth sends the first ever email and CAT scans are developed in England.

Links below to top 10 news stories of 1972

The upcoming transit of Jupiter in Capricorn begins 03/12/19-19/12/20.

astrology blog, jupiter in capricorn, 2019

Jupiter’s despositer Saturn is within its rulership of Capricorn (disciplined) and Jupiter will trine Uranus in Taurus (Sudden organizational shake ups) and sextile Neptune in Pisces (seeking ideal organization) where it will gain reception from Jupiter the domicile ruler of Pisces (moderate assistance in justice and compassion) While Jupiter will conjunct both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (foundational power and structure in government or organizations)

Conclusion of Jupiter in Capricorn

The common themes that occurred throughout the above years are foundational in nature, political and organizational. Structured expansion and discipline were rewarded while greed over optimism and unruly behaviour brought downfalls. In looking forward knowing what we have learnt from the previous transits and knowing our current climate, I would assume the following areas to be affected in 2020 and be of interest. In the 2020 USA election look for the candidate with the best foundation and discipline, they may be slow to grow with a broad base of organisation. Olympic games in Tokyo could have political tensions in 2020 depending how Tokyo handles restrictions, sanctions or boycotts regarding North Korea Nuclear issues. Will we see another breakthrough with the Aids virus every 2nd of the last four transits we have! are we due again in 2020? The years containing Nixon’s Watergate and Clintons misdemeanours being discovered were during this cycle, the years preceding them where impeachment enquiry years. So, trumps enquiry has already started this points to them solidifying the impeachment during the transit.

Astrology blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on Jupiter in Capricorn.

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