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Fixed Stars Astrology (eltanin astrology)


I first intend to lay out the significations and astronomy of Eltanin and its constellation of Draco . Add a definition for the word meaning and some musing of its mythology as many star names and their mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will mention past astrologers significations of the star and explain my own research and give some conclusions on Eltanin’s overall signification.

Astronomy of Eltanin

Eltanin or Gamma Draconis a reddish to orange giant star, is the bright star in the head of the dragon known as constellation Draco with a magnitude of 2.36 it is likely to be the brightest in our night sky in approximately 1.5 million years when it comes within 28 light years of Earth. For now, it remains at 154 light years away and about the 64th brightest star in the night sky. Catalogue names you may find Eltanin under are HIP 87833, HD 164058 and HR 6705 the star is located midway between the 18th and 19th parallels of longitude and at a declination of approximately 47.5 degrees north. At such a high northerly declination many would not give this star to much attention as it is approximately 23 degrees out of bounds from the ecliptic. I will be using tight orbs so If it has any relevance my research should show what that may be.

Eltanin name meaning

Eltanin or Gamma Draconis (Greek a unit of strength a dragon) has been known by many similar names such as Altamin, Etannin, Etanim meaning the same as Eltanin also Al Ras Tinnin which meant one in a herd of Camels, and earlier known by Arabic astrologers as Ras al Tinnin meaning the Dragons Head. It is important to be clear this reference to the Dragons head has no affiliation with the lunar nodes.

Eltanin and its Constellation Draco

Draco nears the polar sphere and has many named stars such as Thuban, Giausar, Edasich, Altais, Rastaban and Grumium this fact can only mean the ancients gave great importance to this constellation. It is best seen in the evening midheaven between May and June in the northern hemisphere. Ptolemy believed the bright stars in Draco were of the Nature of Saturn and Mars. To paraphrase Robson, he believed that Draco signified clever bravery and emotional maturity, travel, friendship and was intellectually stimulating however accident prone.

Past Significations of Eltanin

Few mention Eltanin however, Ebertin and Hoffman mentions Eltanin in reference to mental ability and solitude if un afflicted and self destruction if afflicted giving it a Saturn Jupiter signification with a Mars influence.

Public domain picture above

Mythology of Eltanin

There are a few myths connected with Draco but they all have a theme of Draco being a dragon that is in conflict and comes to defeat, weather it be the dragon that was defeated by Minerva in the Gods and monsters war. Minerva tangled the dragon and placed it in the heavens before it could uncoil. Or Hera’s dragon that guarded the golden apples of Hesperides, were it was Hercules 11th or 12th labour to find and take the apples. Eventually finding and spearing the dragon with the help of Atlas. The dragon was faithful to Hera and so placed in the heavens. Or the dragon killed by Cadmus in the form of the bull searching for his sister Europa while banished. He founded the city of Thebes under the direction of Minerva with the teeth of a slain dragon he found protecting the water in a cave, his men were killed by the dragon but when they did not return, he found and speared it. It has been said that using references to the constellations position and previous use of these myths it is most likely and acceptable that Draco was the dragon that guarded Hera’s Golden apples. However below I show that the myth of Cadmus fits all 20 of my research famous people. I do believe however that in previous cases if there are multiple myths then all of there meaning can be poignant and there are multiple myths for a reason as you will see in some cases below.

Eltanin Research

Eltanin Conjunct MC

Alexander Bell

Scottish born inventor of the telephone and academic spent much of his life teaching speech to the deaf and formed the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the deaf. He taught at Boston university after moving to Canada for health reasons and bought a property in Nova Scotia where he made his home. He was granted US citizenship in 1882 and developed the commercial gramophone the money made from the patient funded his association for the deaf. He died from diabetes in 1922 and is buried in Nova Scotia.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in detriment in the 4th house of home and family. Multiple homes and connections with family may bring poor communication and loss due to spreading oneself to thinly, or taking on to much in career.,_Alexander_Graham

Mark Brunell

American pro footballer filled for bankruptcy in 2010 at the end of a very distinguished career winning the Super bowl with New Orleans Saints being the highlight. He gave regular generous donations to his church while in financial hardship.

10th house and Mc ruler in 9th house of Scorpio law and religion the release of legal secrets and philanthropy

Francesco Prudentio

Italian Mafia boss and contraband smuggler throughout Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy. Was in hiding from 1995 until he was finally captured in Greece in 2000.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in 10th house RX and conjunct MC and Eltanin oppose Uranus. Business and public profile falsely expansive and over exaggerated ones luck can be suddenly poor due to pushing public or business limitations.

Rolf Von Sydow

German born he server undetected after graduation, in the German army as his mother was half Jewish and was wounded many times. He wanted to be an officer or diplomat like his farther and grandfather but was unable to because of his Jewish heritage. Began a career as a director in radio then tv and feature films. He later become a published author as well mainly of an autobiographical nature. He had three wives throughout his life and died in 2019 2 days before his 95th birthday.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in 10th house RX oppose Mercury. Business and public profile is regressed in networking give and take are required as learning and communicating in the home or in private is favoured and a lack of publicity or optimism may result in one's work not getting the attention it deserves.

Billy Williams

Billy was an American major league baseball player. He was rookie of the year in 1961 and a star player for the Chicago cubs. He was selected as an all star 6 times and was the 2nd most durable player in history playing 1,117 consecutive games. Was traded to the Oakland A’s in 1974 and stayed with the club a further 18 years and finishing his career in 1986 when joining the staff there. He was Inaugurated into the national baseball hall of fame in 1987.

10th house and Mc ruler Jupiter in 1st house of Pisces Compassionate spiritual individual with self confidence and an optimistic outlook, ones physical body and persona is the key to the career.

Elisabetta Gardini

Elisabetta was a well known Italian tv presenter and actress from mid 1985 – 2000. She entered politics and had some issues finding a suitable party in Italy and had some loses however took up some non elected positions in various parties. she was elected to the European parliament in 2009 and 2014 however but lost her elected place in 2019.

10th house and Mc ruler Jupiter in 6th house of Leo conjunct Pluto, expansive flamboyant and intense power in service to others.

Georges Auric

French composer born in 1899 was a child prodigy by age 10 made his name in film and ballet scores, and was one of the famed les six composers of the early 1900’s. He also wrote music criticism for periodicals and was director of the Paris opera from 1962 – 1968. His most recognisable score was that of Moulin Rouge. He was a private and secretive man, and little was known of his home life.

10th house and Mc ruler Jupiter in 9th house of Scorpio oppose Moon releasing hidden emotions to both the everyday and wider world is a key to one's career.

Richard E Lyng

Richard graduated from university of Notre Dame in 1940 and served in the pacific in WW2 he was an American Agri businessman running a seed and bean business and was later a leader in the meat industry. In 1967 he entered politics and served under governor Reagan as director of California agriculture department. Joined the Nixon administration in 69 and developed the food stamp program. Joined the Reagan presidential campaign during the administration he was deputy agricultural secretary but was forced to leave politics in 1985 due to poor health in 1986 he returned as the secretary of agriculture and quickly went about stamping out discrimination in the department. He died of Parkinson’s related issues in 2003.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in detriment in the 4th house of home homeland and family oppose the MC, Multiple homes and connections with family the home or homeland may bring loss or difficulty’s due to spreading oneself to thinly, or taking on to much in career, one needs to balance priorities for both which may prove difficult at first but be a strength over time.

Michael Lynch

Michael was born in Aberdeen Scotland and attended the university of Aberdeen and London. He was a Scottish historian and professor at University of Bangor and Edinburgh where he was appointed William Fraser professor of Scottish history and palaeography the oldest and most distinguished position for a Scottish historian in the world. He wrote a number of editorials and papers on the subjects until his retirement in 2005.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in 8th house of Libra trine Uranus in 4th house of Gemini, implicating expansive thoughts instigations and discussions into war death and the underworld may bring up surprising results to do with ones homeland home or family that revolve around one's career.

Donald MacGillivray

Donald was born in Scotland in 1906 the sun of a barrister he was educated at trinity college Oxford and received a BA in 1928 and an MA in 1932. He was selected to serve in the colonial administration service in 1929 and was posted to Tanganyika. In 1938 he was promoted to serve in Palestine and in 1947 to Jamaica as Colonel secretary and in 1952 was considered for Governor. However instead was sent to Malaya as deputy high commissioner. On 5 August 1957 he signed the federation of Malaya agreement handing over power to the Malays to self govern. In 1960 he reviewed the constitution for the Central African Federation and died in 1966 in Nairobi. His obituary remembered him as the last High commissioner of Malaya.

10th house and MC ruler Jupiter in 5th house of Cancer trine Saturn in the 1st house. One has the ability in there career or public profile to create solid foundations for their children and younger generation.

Conclusion of Eltanin conjunct MC

Firstly, I would like to state that applying the ruler of the MC that is conjunct the fixed star in question in all cases clearly agreed with their career path.

Secondly, I found that as Ebertin and Hoffman stated in regard to hard aspects to the malefics, that this did concur with those who had a more difficult or tragic experience.

The Mythology appeared in all cases to fit with the story of Cadmus but there was indications of the story of the Hera’s Golden apples with some natives in particular the artists who in fact painted the story.

The myth of Cadmus is the overwhelming best fit as there is in all cases something that is lost, given up or destroyed and replaced by something new. The thing that is lost is a seed for what is to develop from then on. I think the mythology of Heras dragon is a good fit also from the perspective of Hercules as he used his intelligence to find the dragon and complete the labour for the successful natives and from the dragons perspective with those with hard aspects to the star or its ruler that came unstuck. In all cases there public profile and success or trouble if they had any certainly revolved around there career.

In most cases I would certainly consider taking into account this fixed star even at its high declination conjunct the MC at a tight orb of less than a degree, providing you look for the hard aspects to the star or its ruler to ascertain its meaning.

What struck me the most regarding its signification is the natives were predominantly of a high intellect, some but not all where indeed very private or unseen in their work. And some but not all had great generosity to others. The Saturn Jupiter Mars significators appear correct in the above natives charts as well but a little more on that in my final conclusion.

Eltanin Conjunct AS

Joslyn Lamontagne

Joslyn born in Massachusetts USA was fostered to a good home at an early age. She was a bright student and studied nursing at the University of Massachusetts graduating in 1974. However, after graduation she travelled with a friend to Mexico where her friend drowned. Joslyn was not the same after this moment and within a few months she joined a cult called Heaven’s Gate in Oregon. She denounced all possessions and used her time to further the cults cause. And in 1997 as the 2nd in charge she helped herself and 39 others commit suicide using her nursing skills.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in 5th house of Aries oppose Mars its house ruler. Romantic relationships or creativity can become to impulsive, reckless or become withdrawn and in tern create conflicts within group dynamics with one’s reputation or body.,_Joslyn

Eliot Tatelman

Elliot is an American business man who along with his brother took his family’s furniture business to great heights. In October 1999 he sold the company to Warren Buffet for $225 million. Elliot remains CEO of the company and along with his wife runs a camp for kids with AIDS called camp miracles, his brother Milton died of HIV.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in 11th house of Libra trine Mercury 7th house Gemini. Deliberate dry personal thoughts connect with an articulate way to communicate in group relationships, that effects ones reputation.,_Eliot

Georges Desvallieres

Georges a French painter grew up around a rich cultural setting, his grandfather told him stories of Greek mythology and recognised his artistic flair. He went on to paint Hercules picking the golden apple in 1892 and Hercules in the garden of Hesperides in 1914. These are the stories that match of course Eltanin. In 1905 he returned to paint mainly the Christian faith and his mythology works become more simple and less detailed. When WW1 broke out, he enlisted at 53 and was made battalion commander by the insistence of his men. The war took his son Daniel at age 17 and he himself came close to death. From then on, he would only paint religious paintings. He was involved in charities and association that helped artists and exhibit works that many would not allow in their salons. And he would focus on decorative religious works that would adorn the churches of France.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in the 9th house of religion quincunx Venus in 4th house of Pisces where we find Jupiter’s despositer the Sun. Being unaware that one’s personal experience with religion through family or homeland and its connection with religion, would in fact influence the beauty of such things in the career.

Luitzen Brouwer

A Dutch Mathematician Luitzen studied at the university of Amsterdam 1897-1904 and taught there from 1909-1951 his specialised field was Topology the study of geographical mathematics. He regarded his form of mathematics as intuitionism or philosophical mathematics and attacked principles of logical mathematics, his doctoral thesis was called Life, Art and Mysticism and he wrote theories on topology like differential equations and game theory that were unable to gain widespread acceptance. He was an independent person of high moral standards and political activist and got into many energetic battles. A member of the royal Dutch academy of sciences, the royal society of London and other various boards. He received honorary doctorates from the university of Oslo 1929 and Cambridge 1954 and was made a Knight in the order of the Dutch Lion 1932.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter in 5th house of Aries desposited by Mars in the 3rd house. Overzealous creativity and optimism in regard to younger generations are likely debated and communicated that directly affect ones reputation.

Rien Poortvliest

Rien was born in Holland in 1932 and become a hyper realistic Dutch painter that used only memories of nature as his subject. His parents were strict members of the Dutch reformed church and against him going to art school. He worked in an add agency where he was able to us his talents and quickly found he was talented in business as he rose to manager of the company. By the 1960’s Poortvliest was able to leave and make a living simply illustrating books one series he illustrated was the popular Gnomes series which become an animated tv series in 1985. He made a water colour book of pictures on his hunting experiences as well as the life of Jesus Christ. Prince Bernhard opened the Rien Poortvliest Museum in Middleharnis 1982 however it closed its doors in 2006 due to poor entry numbers it could not meet its financial obligations. However, It was reopened in a more populous area a few years later.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter in the 9th house of foreigners and religion its despositer the Sun is in the 9th house and the 10th house cusp is exactly at Jupiter Venus midpoint. Beauty around foreigners religion and the wider environment blend with one's work that influence ones personnel reputation

Andreas Baader

Andreas born in Munich Germany 1943 was the leader of the terrorist group Red Army Faction or RAF. He was jailed and put on trial the longest in German history 1975 – 1977. In October 1977 he was found shot dead in his cell along with another member of his group his girlfriend also convicted was found hanging in her cell. A fourth surviving member was stabbed but lived he claimed German authority’s did it. The authority’s claim they thought it was a suicide pact.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter in the 8th house of Cancer trine Mars in the 4th house of Pisces. Ones reputation is tarnished by reckless energy in regards to the homeland death and criminal underworld.

Alix Combelle

Combelle was Frances best known tenor Saxophonist and Jazz multi instrumentalist originally, he was a drummer but stopped to focus on the Sax. He played in orchestra pits in France and with various other leading bands and artist from all over the world, but turned down jobs overseas to stay at home and enrich the scene in France. The fact he wanted to be based in France and stayed with his traditional swing style, rather than adopting the popular bop style, seems to be why he never caught on outside France and to a lesser extent Europe. This has led to his contribution to the art of swing Jazz worldwide being grossly understated.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in 1st house. One can take their appearance and reputation very personally and stifle any expansion philosophically or physically to that reputation.

Irene Love Adams

Irene was a Scottish labour party member she entered local council in 1970 and eventual succeeded her husband to gain a seat at Strathclyde regional council. Allan Adams went on to become the sitting labour member for Paisley, and on Allen’s death she again succeeded her husband to win the by election for Paisley were she has served from 1990 – 2005. She was persuaded to stand down by her party when her constituency was merged in 2005 to make way for Jim Sheridan. She was viewed as being to the far left of the party by many, and in 2014 the BBC reported she had $53,000 pounds claimed expenses in a period she didn’t debate or submit questions during. A court ordered her and 13 others to repay money's owed but she refused to do so even though she has made only one speech in the house of lords during the 5 year period. Her most notable work was her opposition to the drugs trade and at some point, her life was threatened because of her work in this area. She was also a strong worker in women’s equality during her time in office.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter rising RX in 12th house of Scorpio grand trine Saturn in 9th house of Leo, Mars 5th house of Aries and younger generation. The divulsions of personnel secrets or hidden information from the past drive instigations in regard to frivolous activities and restrictive visible legal issues that may bring an end to the way one is seen or viewed.

Johnny Miller

Johnny was an American pro golfer and ranked as high as 2 in the world in 1974 -1975. He joined the PGA tour in 1969 at the age of 22 and allotted 25 tour wins. He also had a few acting jobs and cameos in feature films. And worked as a golf analyst for NBC sports from 1990 – 2019 and accrued 8 sports Emmy awards during his stint. He was known as a commentator to be blunt and straightforward which caused amenity between him and some players. He was also a devout Christian and used his faith during a four year slump in the late 70’s to keep going, his form did eventually return in 1980 and in 1981 he retired on a winning streak.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in the 12th house of Scorpio desposited by Mars in the 5th house of Aries. The divulsions of personnel secrets or hidden information and the unearthing of hidden wisdom by instigating abruptly in regards to sports can affect the reputation and the way someone is seen and appear.

Derek Sweet

Derek was a 26 year old Scottish murder victim, he was repeatedly kicked in the head by 4 - 6 men and died on the way to hospital just two weeks after the birth of his first child. Dereck was at a club where he got into a drunken altercation with one of the accused and threw a punch and glassed one of the accused with a beer bottle. After bandaging the accused they ejected him and his friends and let Derek and a friend out a side door soon after. A mob of the accused’s friends saw them leave and began a chase and finally caught and beat Dereck by kicking him in the head and abdomen standing on his head and repeatedly striking him until he was unconscious.

AS conjunct Eltanin in Sagittarius 1st house, Ruler Jupiter RX in the first house trine Sun in 5th house Aries. Ones reputation may be of overindulgence and excess in haste and primal instincts to live a life of pleasure.