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2020 Astrology A Go To Guide

My blog this December is a little Christmas gift to you all, I have put together a list of significant yet generic dates of importance a 2020 astrology go to guide. Conjunctions in particular but also aspects to natal positions in your birth chart within a degree of the following celestial events, will be particularly significant to you personally in 2020. Please note that as I am based on the East coast of Australia, the time and dates are for PGT +10 UTC & AEST +10 UTC which is +11 in Australia during daylight saving but stays at +10 in Papua New Guinea all year. A super Moon if mentioned is a new or full Moon that comes within 361,740 km of Earth, this signifies the emotional or daily events are slightly more personal or closer to heart than a normal new or full Moon at this time. However, you will need to take into consideration weather your chart is affected by aspect closely as I mentioned above, the combination of the two considerations needs to be applied. I also mention blue Moons these are a 2nd full Moon in a month not seen as astrologically significant although auspicious nonetheless. I also highlight Solar and Lunar eclipse dates these signify significant change over longer periods and planetary retrogrades where the planetary influence becomes closer to home is revised or sours for example. And planets leaving the bounds of the Sun, these planets rebel against authority and become more pronounced during these periods, I have excluded the Moon however as it happens frequently and for short intervals.

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Eclipse Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


11th January Full Moon 6:22am 9’19 Pisces (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

12th January Uranus stationary direct 2’39 Taurus

12th January Mercury returns within the Sun's bounds today

25th January New Moon 8:43am 23’31 Capricorn


9th February Full Moon 6:34pm 15’58 Leo

10th February Mars leaves the Suns bounds today

17th February Mercury is stationary Retrograde 12’53 Pisces

24th February New Moon 2:33am 27’10 Aquarius


3rd March Mars returns within the Sun's bounds Today

10th March Full Moon (Super Moon 358,612 km) 4:49am 8”57 Virgo

11th March Mercury stationary direct 28’15 Aquarius

24th March New Moon 8:29pm 0’01 Aries


3rd April Venus leaves the Suns bounds today

8th April Full Moon (Super Moon 357,018 km) 12:36am 18’21 Libra

23rd April New Moon 12:27am 3’11 Taurus

26th April Pluto stationary retrograde at 25’00 Capricorn


7th May Full Moon (Super Moon 360,457 km) 8:46pm 11’52 Scorpio

12th May Saturn stationary retrograde 1’57 Aquarius

14th May Venus stationary retrograde 21’50 Gemini

15th May Jupiter stationary retrograde 27’14 Capricorn

16th May Mercury leaves the Suns bounds today

23rd May New Moon 3:40am 24’05 Taurus


2nd June Venus returns within the suns bounds today

6th June Full Moon 5:13am 5’16 Sagittarius (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

11th June Mercury returns within the Suns bounds today

19th June Mercury stationary retrograde 14’44 Cancer

21st June New Moon 4:42pm 27’50 Gemini (Central annular Solar Eclipse)

(Maximum eclipse occurs junction of Nepal, Tibet & Northern India)

21st June Southern Winter Solstice 7:43:33 Bellingen NSW AUS 30S27 152E54

24th June Neptune stationary retrograde 20’58 Pisces

26th June Venus stationary direct 5’21 Gemini


5th July Full Moon 2:45pm 12’05 Capricorn (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

13th July Mercury stationary direct 5’30 Cancer

21st July New Moon 3:34am 19’38 Cancer


4th August Full Moon 2:00am 4’14 Aquarius

16th August Uranus stationary retrograde 10’42 Taurus

19th August New Moon 12:43am 26’10 Leo


2nd September Full Moon 3:23pm 8’29 Pisces

10th September Mars stationary retrograde 28’08 Aries

12th September Jupiter stationary direct 17’24 Capricorn

17th September New Moon (Super Moon 361,094 km) 9:01pm 19’22 Virgo

29th September Saturn stationary direct 25’20 Capricorn


2nd October Full Moon 7:06am 29’36 Pisces

4th October Pluto stationary direct 22’29 Capricorn

15th October Mercury stationary retrograde 11’36 Scorpio

17th October New Moon (Super Moon 357,816 km) 6:32am 12’05 Libra


1st November Full Moon 1:50am 1’49 Taurus

3rd November Mercury stationary direct 25’57 Libra

13th November Mars stationary direct 15’14 Aries

15th November New Moon (Super Moon 358,136 km) 4:08pm 20’41 Scorpio

28th November Neptune stationary direct 18’10 Pisces

30th November Full Moon 8:31pm 4’22 Gemini (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

(Blue Moon)


12th December Mercury leaves the Suns bounds today

15th December New Moon 3:18am 13’14 Sagittarius (Central Total Solar Eclipse)

(Maximum eclipse occurs over Argentina)

21st December Southern Summer Solstice Bellingen NSW 21:02:11 30S27 152E54

30th December Full Moon 2:29pm 7’35 Cancer

Best wishes for the new year William

This blog is written by the Australian astrologer William Lamont Bellingen on the significant celestial events of 2020.

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