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Astrologer 20 Question challenge


Firstly, the questions below have been taken from an unknown Facebook groups 30 day astrology challenge. This blog is a bit of fun and I hope to let the reader get to know me a little more. I have paraphrased and re written the questions for clarity and formatting reasons, but also to remove some repetitive questions on planetary positions that give similar answers, so we are left with a neat 20 questions. I intend to answer the questions in the way they were intended but also give an astrological explanation to cater for both the fun curious readers and those wanting to understand the meaning and how I have come to my conclusions.

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20 Astrology Questions:

What’s the first thing you remember learning about astrology? The first thing I learnt was the planet and sign Glyph’s. I remember thinking it’s all too hard, but It would be nice to be able to understand and write them at least.

What sign appeals to you the most, which one doesn’t and why? Scorpio is the most appealing I like mystery mysticism and research that’s the position of my north node and as I am midlife this makes sense as it’s the sign that will intensify its quality’s the older, I get.

What are your family’s (mothers fathers children’s Partners) Sun signs? Farther is Taurus, Mother Aquarius, two eldest Daughters Taurus, youngest daughter is a Scorpio and Son is a Capricorn. I am Virgo so sextiles and trines to all of them just an in conjunction to Mother. So yes, we all get along well but on that in conjunction or (aversion) I actually get along with my mother the best by phone! when I can’t see her in front of me! I have a lot of air in my chart it’s the Suns aversions that combines with all my air placements sextiling or trining her Sun that makes this possible.

Tell us the traits you most like of your Sun and Moon signs? My Sun is Virgo and I like to be articulate! this isn’t my strength but one of Virgos for sure, and in certain environments that are structured I manage to do this occasionally. My Moon is in fall in Scorpio I don’t mind appearing a little mysterious at times but in its position, nothing is ever done half heartedly however and that is the problem with being in fall with the Moon here.

Have you had to deal with any difficulties in your chart and what were they? This answer and one other that will be mentioned below are experts from conversations I had on soul and vocation in 2019. In my own chart Venus is in fall in Virgo 5th house and joy and also chart ruler and despositer. Again, looking at Maslow’s motivation model knowing Venus is associated with belonging and love and aesthetic needs I can see how I have been overly critical of my children’s affection and appearance or presence in my life. However, in contrast they have been the source and inspiration of a variety of my creative work due to my own self reflection particularly since they have been less present.

How much time have you spent learning astrology, and how comfortable would you be teaching a beginners class? I started learning 9 years ago, the last 6 astrology has been a part of nearly everyday of my life. I have read more books on astrology than I have on any other subject combined and completed 500 course hours of work under multiple professional astrologers supervision. I have sat in on 50 hours of live lectures and hundreds of hours of podcasts and online lectures from professional astrologers. It would be impossible for me to calculate the overall time but the above are recorded, receipted or certified hours. I am not sure if I would be comfortable teaching it’s not something I have ever thought about, I am driven towards my own self development and astrological research for now.

Do you believe in cusps why or why not? Cusps are 100% real, however there are two types of cusps that work differently. The first is the cusp of a sign these cusps are well defined and operate more promptly, the reason is the last few degrees or term of a sign is always ruled by a malefic planet Mars or Saturn this brings a restriction or division to the signs natural environment. When a planet crosses the cusp into the next sign it transitions to a new term often Mercury a transitional planet or a benefic that changes the nature but always by the 2nd term the planet is in a benefic’s term. The other type of cusp is a house cusp in some house systems these line up along the sign cusps so work like above but in many common house systems like Placidus they do not. The house cusps work by the division of light across the earth at the moment of birth, so location and time are key factors on calculating these cusps. For this reason, the cross of spirit or the MC, IC AS and DC are more accurate then the lessor divisions, because they are the extremes and in all cases much like when light crosses a horizon it is blended from light to dark the cusps are also blended because they are essentially the midpoints of the extremes. Some astrologers will see a planet applying to a house cusp within a few degrees as in that house this does not apply to sign cusps. If you experiment with house systems, you will find that when planets change houses from one system to the next this accurately shows if the planet is in one house or blending between two houses in your chart.

What are your top 3 favourite Astrology blogs? Well of course number one is hands down (The Alternative astrology Blog) by William Lamont but of course your asking me for others aren’t you. I tend not to read to many blogs that are about the current astrological climate which rules most of them out. So, I would like to share three in no particular order that dwell more on the history, philosophy and techniques of astrology. These blogs are not necessarily frequent but of an extremely high quality and on subjects of my interest.

1: Joseph Crane 2:Chris Brennan

3: Deborah Houlding

What’s your crushes sun sign or what traits do you like about your ascendant sign? I don’t know, I never ask people what sign they are, My ascendant is Taurus I would have to say the love of Nature.

Can you tell us something about your Mercury sign and how you communicate? I have Mercury in the 6th whole sign house of Libra ruled by Venus in the 5th house and Mercury rules the 2nd and 5th house cusps. (A planet in a sign and the house it rules directly effects that house) The way I communicate is directly involved in my daily work and service and the communication style (Libra) instigates while remaining detached and thoughtful and effects my income, resources, children, romantic and creative life. (The house ruler of a planet is indirectly but has an overall effect on the house a planet is in) While it also indirectly and overall effects my children, romantic and creative life.

Tell us your Saturn sign and why you think it holds you back from your dreams? I don’t believe anything can hold me back from my dreams. Saturn is the great teacher and like a good teach restricts nonsense and creates structure that is solid while pulling down structure that is not solid. Saturn is where you will excel over time, so make sure you take your time where you find Saturn stick to rules remain grounded keep patterns and you can excel in time. Mine is in the 3rd house in the detriment of Leo so I will shine in short distance travel, local community, early learning or communication where there is a pattern or regimented situation especially over time. Straying from this will be detrimental to short travel, communication, my locality and early learning etc.

When did you first hear about astrology, who introduced you to it, did you immediately believe in it or did you have to be convinced? My Mother and her Mum were definitely the first to introduce me to it at about age 10. But it was only sun sign columns that they read. My intense interest came about decades after while reading a sun sign column about 7 days in a row that was very accurate each day at a significant turning point in my life. I remember thinking there must be more to this astrology this can’t be a coincidence, I think I was about 35 at the time.

What is the hardest lesson to learn that astrology has to teach? The hardest lesson is most definitely that I will never know everything there is to know about astrology, and that it exposes our insignificance in the universe until you realise your one with it so relax.

What is the first word you think of when you think of each individual sign? Astrologers call these key words, they shouldn’t always be used as such but remembered to stimulate other associated or like words. Aries-Aggressive Taurus-Comfort Gemini-Busy Bee Cancer-Nurturing Leo-Proud Virgo-Organised Libra-Balanced Scorpio-Intense Sagittarius-Emancipated Capricorn-Dry Aquarius-Conceptual Pisces-Compassion

Tell us one over communicated stereotype about your Sun sign? Virgos are tidy, no not always true. The Deccan, Face and Term of the Sun as well as other factors don’t always make this so.

So, what was the Sun sign of the person who most impacted your life? Taurus but can’t elaborate further on that in this forum.

Can you describe your hero using astrology? One of my Heroes would be the Dalai Lama, here is an explanation from a discussion I had on soul and vocation in 2019 I show how his train pattern works with the lead planets in that train aiding in his transcendence. This drives his ability to transcend his situation. In Maslow’s motivation model as discussed, we saw the associated planets Neptune Jupiter and Saturn associated with transcending. I, am sure we have all looked at his chart before but in thinking of someone who has transcended a situation and answered a call I couldn’t help but think of anyone better than the Dalai Lama. Here are a few points I find interesting, the chart despositer is Mercury in Gemini and 12th house sextile Venus in Leo 2nd house. (He is in exile and has little attachment to possessions, yet he speaks writes and communicates about these subjects and it gets attention transcending the situation thinking of the bigger picture and not his personal situation) let’s look at the transcending planets Saturn Rx in Pisces 9th (foreigners India have been compassionate to Tibet and this has affected him and his people personally) and its desposited by the other Jupiter in the 5th house of younger generation also Rx in Scorpio and desposited by Mars in the 4th house of homeland. (He divulges secrets and truths in regard to his children younger generation that is personal to him and them in regard to their homeland) These two planets led either end of the locomotive pattern in his chart (I know its 118’ not 120’ there in applying trine due to speed so close) that drive his transcendence due to external forces. The other planet associated with transcendence Neptune is in the 3rd house of Virgo (associated with how he speaks and writes in his community about the finer details of his ideals)

What are the Sun and Moon signs of your best friends? Again, I don’t really know as I don’t talk about astrology with them, But I don’t get along with people with a strong Mars or dominant Fires signs, so you won’t find many in my circle. I am very fond of all the water signs.

What Sun Moon combos are most compatible for you and why? Any combinations that are totally or a mixed water or earth signs based. I have a Mutable Earth sign sun and a Fixed Water sign Moon so conjunctions, sextiles and trines to either are fantastic for relationships.

Can you tell us three random facts about your natal chart? Both my luminaires the Sun and Moon have accidental dignity meaning they are stronger as they are both applying to one of the four points of the chart. I don’t have any retrograde planets in my chart, so I appear to make what I do look easy while everything appears to be happening very fast to me. My Moon is the sect ruler and is in sect by sign and hemisphere, meaning My Moon is very potent in my natal chart, some might say I am a Scorpio with a Virgo Sun, not, I am a Virgo.

This Astrology blog was written by William Lamont Bellingen Astrologer Australia, on 20 astrology questions.

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