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I’ve blogged my way through Saturn’s transit so, what’s next?

Firstly, I would just like to send my best wishes to all my readers overseas and those here in Australia, may you keep safe and care for one another at this difficult time in what is a global pandemic.

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Well, I have now been blogging for two years predominantly through my solar 5th house Saturn transit, and I feel satisfied that I have been fairly disciplined and emerged reasonably unscathed. This particular blog I am releasing today was originally meant to be my initial research on the Fixed Star Sharatan however as Saturn leaves Capricorn he left me a final obstacle to deal with. This is normal when Saturn leaves a sign as it passes through the final term which is always governed by a malefic either Mars or itself and of course Saturn is the great and wise teacher, so he leaves you with something memorable. That is not to say it’s bad it’s just to help remind you what he has been teaching you the last two years and is saying don’t forget what you have learnt.

For me it was a book of biographies that I ordered in time was held up in transit by the lock down of the community that the sellers book store was in for 15 days. Now they are back but the order was misplaced, so I have been informed the information to finish the research should arrive within a month due to quarantine restrictions etc. So, with baited breath I hope to release that next month around the 28th or at worst the month after that. I also plan on releasing a blog on Saturn’s transit and history of Aquarius shortly which will be quite fitting.

As Aquarius is my solar 6th house I plan on changing my formula and way of doing things over the next two years. In recent times I have not been doing readings or been in the service of others, so I intend to do just that in restricted structured and detached ways like Saturn in Aquarius. So where is this blog going and what’s next well honestly I will still be blogging in the same way but not monthly, the blogs will be less frequent and build on the findings of previous research blogs to add to their foundation. This is to allow for two new concepts the first is a spoken broadcast like a podcast only in a shorter form on the current astrological climate or possibly horoscopes in some form, I will also endeavour to slowly introduce natal readings via skype and elections via email in exchange for reviews or testimonials, you can find more information in regard to this on my website

In regard to the website you will slowly see more aspect delineations appearing completing the Moon natal aspects. I have also thought of writing a 6 monthly horoscope for the signs this may also become an audio recording, but we will see. As I am looking at various platforms currently, the website languages available are under review as page speed is important and I may look at removing some languages to speed up the platform soon but any feedback is more than welcome and can be sent to

So as Saturn moves from my solar 5th house of fun and creativity into my 6th house in service you will see me become just that, in service to the general public. I will still remain restricted and structured but in a detached way. The use of audio rather than the written word or creating things that don’t last forever like horoscopes and the delineation of natal charts using the revolutions of the years etc all suit this new environment. In Capricorn Saturn helped me create long lasting timeless research now it will assist me in this new age of Aquarius.

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This blog was written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the blogging transition from Saturn in Capricorn to Aquarius.

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