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I first intend to lay out the significations and astronomy of Sharatan and its constellation of Aries. Add a definition for the word meaning and some musing of its mythology as many star names and their mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will mention past astrologers significations of the star and explain my own research and give some conclusions on Sharatan’s overall signification.

Astronomy of Sharatan

Sharatan or Beta Arietis is 58.66 light years from earth and found in the left horn of the ram in the constellation Aries it’s currently at the tropical zodiacal longitude of 4’15 Taurus with a declination of 20 N 54 it’s a magnitude 2.64 blue to white dwarf star and can be found in various star catalogues under the numbers HR553, HIP8903 and HD11636.

Sharatan name meaning

Sharatan also known as sheratan or Al Sharatain is commonly called the Ram’s horn, the Persians referred to Sharatan and the close star Mesarthim as the protecting pair or two butters. The Persian word Al Sharaain is the dual word for Al Shara, the word for sign. So, they also came to be known as the signals or the two signs meaning an indication of aggression and instigation with a dual purpose.

Sharatan and its Constellation Aries

The constellation of Aries consists of 17 visible stars the brightest being Hamal at the base of its eastern horn. But also, Sharatan and Mesarthim two stars at the tip of the left horn of the Ram. These two stars were well known to be the stars near the cusp of Aries and marked the vernal equinox at a time when the tropical and sidereal zodiacs where aligned at 0 Aries. Ptolemy said the stars at the head of Aries where of the nature of Mars and Saturn. Robson, Ebertin, Hoffman and Rigor all agreed stating various stars at the head of Aries to be either of a premeditated, brutish, impulsive, perverted or aggressive nature.

Public Domain Griechische Heldensagen für die Jugend bearbeitet”. Berlin: Verlag von Neufeld & Henius, 1902

Mythology of Sharatan

There are a few myths regarding the Ram Aries but one in particular I feel maybe relevant to Sharatan and its close star Mesarthim the two they call the signals. My reasoning for this is the duality contained in the myth is not a factor in other tails of the ram. The myth of Phrixos and Helle who escaped upon a ram with golden fleece to the land of Aietes. Phrixos had been falsely accused of rape so the brother and sister fled on a ram with golden fleece, however along the way Helle was allowed to fall from the ram over the Hellespont, now known as the Dardanelles, she was saved by Poseidon who then raped her and fathered her child. While Phrixos managed to arrive in Aietes and upon his arrival the ram removed its golden fleece and gave it to the land of Aietes before placing itself in the heavens, this is why the ram is dully lit in the sky. But some say he sacrificed the ram to Zeus and placed its fleece in the temple. While after that Nephele placed the ram in the heavens to mark the start of the season the grain is sown.

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Sharatan conjunct the MC

1 - Charles McAteer Scotland

Head of teachers association of Scotland, has dealt with severe cases of teachers being bullied by students. Made a speech to the teachers association in 2006 stating that head teachers were being expected to be responsible for to many things out of there control. Here we see he has to indirectly deal with issues of abuse and the demand of perfection. As well as having a dual roll as a head teacher and the representative of head teachers.

2 – Simon Ramo USA

Head scientist in USA ballistic missile program. Has dual degrees in physics and electrical engineering from Caltech university. He co-founded Ramo-Wooldridge which developed the Atlas, Titan and Minuteman ICBM,s that were later used for defence, research and space exploration. In 1983 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom.

3 – Sir Alan Campbell MacDiarmid Scotland

Scottish steel manufacturer from Glasgow and son of Alan MacDiarmid a partner in James Anderson an Co. He was educated at Kelvinside Academy. He was multitalented and found choosing a career difficult but once he found his path was driven with a single minded ruthless attitude in his business of producing steel between the first and second world wars. He treated business as a game of personal superiority and had a fascination on perfection at all costs.

A multitude of Lives ISBN-978-0-9556514-1-0

4 – Garland (Knobby) Lawing USA

American baseball player was a right handed catcher he broke into class D in pro baseball in 1938 and reached class A1 now AA in 1943, before he reached his 25th game he was recruited into the United states Army and served in Europe during WW2. He missed the 1944 and 1945 seasons respectively. On his return in 1946 he got a major league contract with the Cincinnati Reds but was sold off after just two games to the New York Giants where he played eight games for the remainder of the 1946 season. He returned to the minor leagues until 1954 when he retired from pro baseball.,_Garland

5 – Nicole Duclos France

Three time French track and field national champion, 400 metre world record holder 1969 and shared 4 x 400 metre world record holder along with British women’s team and represented France in 1972 Olympics. In one instance after making the final of the European athletics 4 x 400 medley relay the French team she was in failed to finish.

6 - Jean Marie Poumeyrol France

French erotica and hallucinogenic artist of fantasy, he has broadened his repertoire to include landscapes over time. Many works show the duality of death and sexuality from a darker fantasy realm.

7 - Ziegler Henri France

Henri was a French aerospace engineer and later air force officer and test pilot, a fighter in the French resistance during WW2 becoming the commander of the free French air force and later chief of staff to the entire French forces. After the war he become CEO of Airbus in which he was a lead developer of the A300B at its conception. He gained numerous honours such as order of the British empire and officer on the US legion of Merit.

8 - Princess of Japan Mako Japan

Her Imperial highness Studied English at the university of Dublin and received a bachelor’s degree from Mitaka University Tokyo in art and cultural heritage and received a national certificate in curation. She later received a master’s in museum studies from Leicester University (see my Blog on the fixed star Princeps as its relevant to her and Princess Beatrice) She has been long engaged to a commoner and once the marriage takes place, she will rescind her title and place in the Imperial family. At this time there are financial disputes between the groom and his family which the imperial household disapproves of. After appearing in a Sailor uniform fans created there own fantasy art or anime of her featuring on the site Nico Nico Douga which was a viral hit, the palace where unsure of what to make of the attention as it wasn’t slanderous, they made no comment. She has made efforts to help the deaf following her mothers work with Japanese sign language and has spent time anonymously volunteering in the effected areas of the Japanese earthquake and Tohoku Tsunami disaster.