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Fixed Stars Astrology (algol astrology)


  • Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae who cut the head of the gorgon Medusa.

  • The fixed star Algol is found within the head of the demon Medusa inside the constellation Perseus.

  • Algol varies from a 2.3-3.5 Magnitude Star.

  • Algol is eclipsed every 2days 20hours 48min by a dark companion star that closely orbits Algol the bright white star.

  • Algol has the influence of Saturn & Jupiter

  • Algol’s procession through the tropical constellations is currently @ 26’25 Taurus

  • The following orbs may be allowed for conjunction and oppositions depending on the magnitude of fixed stars.

  • 1st, 7’30 2nd, 5’30 3rd, 3’40 4th, I’30

  • Aspects activate fixed stars when they are conjunct or in opposition to an activated planet or light.

  • The magnitude of a fixed star, and whether its cadent succedent or angular aids in referencing its strength in a chart.

  • Fixed stars are given influences from combinations of planets generally given by their magnitude, colour and myth.

Mythology of Algol

Medusa was the one mortal of three gorgon sisters, gorgons were said to be monstrous females that had large teeth claws and snaky hair. She was originally a beautiful maiden however but after a fling with Neptune in Minerva’s temple Minerva changed her hair into hissing serpents. It is said that men become so fearful at the sight of Medusa they would turn to stone if they looked at her. The star Algol is located in the severed head of the gorgon medusa held by Perseus the son of Zeus and Danae. Perseus waited for the graiai guardsmen of the gorgons to pass there one shared eye to one another at the change of watch, when they did Perseus snatched the eye and threw it in lake tritonis. Upon passing the graiai guardsman’s watch Perseus was able to creep up to the gorgons with the help of Minerva’s shield, Pluto’s helmet and Hermes sandals and cut of the head of the sleeping Medusa.


Algol itself is a beautiful bright white star generally this signifies a positive affect which would account for the high spiritual manifestations noted by past astrologers. As it is circled by a dark companion star that eclipses it approximately every 2 days this correlates with the mythology that if Medusa kept herself pure natural and honest she was a spiritual beacon of light. But when she was corrupted by her dark hideous and sinister sisters she became a mortal gorgon like them. This implies two things to me firstly Algol being eclipsed by the dark companion star may affect its manifestations in a malefic way. Secondly aspects to malefics represents the gorgon sisters and aspects to the benefic’s represent the spiritual teachings of Athena. The position Algol’s companion star is not recorded or available but still may be a factor but close aspects to the benefic’s should be seriously considered in interpretations.


Michael Schumacher

Firstly, let us look at the profected chart (not shown) valid during Michaels accident because of the connection between the head injury and the mythology of Algol. Michaels perfected chart at age 44 and time of accident is the 9th house of Capricorn (the mountain goat in a foreign land) ruled by Saturn in the 12th house of isolation and Aries which rules the Head. (restrictions of the head) The sun (his Vitality) is in the perfected 9th house and Rules the 4th house of Leo. He remains in isolation recovering from his head injuries in privacy being cared for by his family despite much media attention.

Transits through Capricorn and by Saturn are going to be emancipated in this year. Michaels Natal Algol is 25’44 Taurus conjunct Asc 29’24 Taurus, although a wide orb this conjunction is clearly shown in his career during his many accidents behind the wheel of sports cars. Algol & the Asc are ruled by Venus in the 10th house of career.

Transiting Algol forms an opposition with the Natal part of fortune at 26’46 Scorpio as the transiting Moon that rules the third house of driving, traveling, skiing and also communicating conjuncts the Natal part of fortune. His partners had to face that Michaels luck had run out in taking risks in this area. In Michael's chart the Natal Moon 3rd house is opposed Pluto in the ninth house of foreign travel. And Michael was on holiday in France at the time of accident, this is shown by the Asc ruler in the 9th house Rx and partile trine the Natal Algol Asc midpoint at the time of accident. I believe these 3 bodies transiting Algol, Rx Venus and Moon acted as triggers setting of Algol’s natal potential.

POW chart

Below is a chart of a Prussian now Poland pow who was captured and put in a pow camp that was then bombed by the Germans killing him inside the camp. He had Algol conjunct the North node, so violence was fated or gaining and increasing in his life.

Carl Sagan & Buckminster Fuller

Algol does also cast high spiritual rays and if the star is conjunct the ascendant and is not in aspect or conjunct a malefic planet at the time of birth and conjunct or in aspect to a benefic then a native my become highly spiritually aware and connected to nature, these people often point out the ugliness or darker side of life to either find the beauty in it or heal it in some way. This appears to be the case with Carl Sagan who becomes a nuclear activist and had a love of the natural cosmos. His Asc Algol conjunction was opposed by his whole sign ascendant ruler Venus conjunct the Sun and Jupiter. As the ascendant ruler was conjunct a benefic and oppose Algol a balanced perspective was given through partnerships Carl formed particularly on darker topics.

Buckminster Fuller who developed cheap, strong and sustainable housing by studying natures geometrical patters was an environmentalist who wanted to do more with less his sustainable ideas of thinking were seen as progressive at the time because of what he saw as coming social and economic problems. He had a sun Jupiter conjunction trine the Moon Sect light and exalted ruler of his ascendant Algol conjunction from the 11th to the 3rd house.


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Above Translated from Elsbeth Ebertins (Sternenwandler & Weltgeschehen)

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Blog written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on Algol and examples in natal and transit charts.

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