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Martin Luther King Jnr birth chart (astrology blog)

I have been informed not to display work that has been or part of an assignments at certain institutions. So regrettably although this blog is 100% my own work it can no longer be displayed.

The Memory

Martin Luther King, Memorial, Astrology, William Lamont

The Birth chart

Birth chart, Martin Luther King Jnr, William Lamont Astrologer

The Planetary Strength

I have applied points to the planets to rate there strength however this is not a universal technic, and the metric or value given to them below is just a guide to help see disparities that dignity and debility may not show to the naked eye. As an example Jupiter is peregrine with no dignity but when accounting for all other factors he is in a superbly placed position to work well as I mention below.

Sun Planet strength +2

(sect +3) (9th house +2) total +5

(peregrine -3) total -3

Mercury Planet strength +5

(triplicity +2) (face +1) (10th house +5) (direct +4) total +12

(sect -3) (under beams -4) total -7

Venus Planet strength +24

(mutual reception Venus/Pisces Jupiter/Taurus +5) (exaltation +4) (term +3) (triplicity +2) (11th house +4) (direct +4) (free of beams +5) total +27

(sect -3) total -3

Moon Planet strength +15

(triplicity +2) (mutual reception Moon/Pisces Jupiter/Taurus +5) (11th house +4) (Free beams +5) (waxing +2) total +18 (sect -3) total - 3

Mars Planet strength +3

(terms +3) (2nd house +3) (free of beams +5) total +11

(sect -3) (retrograde -5) total -8

Jupiter Planet strength 24

(mutual reception rulership Venus/Pisces Jupiter/Taurus +5) (mutual reception exaltation Moon/Pisces Jupiter/Taurus +5) (in sect +3) (1st house+5) (direct +4) (free of beams +5) total +27 (peregrine -3) total -3

Saturn Planet strength 14

(face +1) (term +3) (triplicity +2) (in sect +3) (direct +4) (free of beams +5) total 18

(8th house -4) total -4

The Chart Sect

The chart is diurnal with the sect light ruler the Sun in Capricorn and the 9th house of religion and law. This indicates a focus on religion and law in the natives life, it’s also a place where the Sun is in its joy so being an authority or dealing with them in regards to religion and law will develop naturally. The diurnal planet Jupiter the day benefic is in the first house indicating that the natives reputation or appearance will bring them their greatest success. The other planet in sect is Saturn and is in the 8th house of death and debts which will slightly mitigate the severity of Saturn in this house. So, he may have less restrictions than initially though in these areas. The out of sect malefic is Mars in the 2nd house of wages and resources this is the area of life that will cause him the most grief or malice. The Moon out of sect is in the 11th house of groups and friendships this will mitigate the success of groups and friendships, while the lesser benefic Venus is also in the 11th house and while still benefic will not harbour as great a success as Jupiter located in the first. Overall, on a positive note this to me indicates his great success will come from himself and his reputation and to a lesser extent his group associations, it is he who is important to the group for success not the other way around. On a more negative note his actions on income and resources will be a challenge and of malice to him while restrictions to loans and coldness of death may be of some hindrance or worry it is not the main concern.

Triplicity rulers of the sect light

The triplicity rulers in the order of day ruler, night ruler, mixed ruler are Venus in the succedent 11th house the Moon also in the succedent 11th house and Mars in the succedent 2nd house. With all the triplicity rulers in succedent houses we can see he will have some help but not an overwhelming amount. It is notable that the out of sect planets the non malefic Moon and Venus the lesser benefic are both in the 11th house this mitigates the effect of them being out of sect slightly and indicates that most of his assistance will come from friends groups and worldly success developed from his career path.

The Despositer pattern

Jupiter 1st house Taurus self and Venus 11th house Pisces group are in mutual reception by rulership this indicates he and the group are in equal command and set the direction of his life.

Activists formed the Montgomery Improvement Association to boycott the transit system and chose King as their leader. He had the advantage of being a young, well-trained man who was too new in town to have made enemies; he was generally respected, and it was thought that his family connections and professional standing would enable him to find another pastorate should the boycott fail. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

King was elected president of Crozer’s student body, which was composed almost exclusively of white students. As a professor at Crozer wrote in a letter of recommendation for King, “The fact that with our student body largely Southern in constitution a coloured man should be elected to and be popular in such a position is in itself no mean recommendation. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

The following planets and houses in order follow this leadership in the chain of command. The Moon 11th house of another group then Saturn in the 8th house of loans and death followed by both Mercury in the 10th house of career and Sun in 9th house of religion, then Mars in the 2nd house of wages and resources.

Asc and MC Dignities

The ascendant is ruled by Venus +5 and is the exaltation of the Moon +4 it’s in the term of Mercury +3 is ruled by the earth triplicity in a day chart by Venus +2 and is in the face of the Moon +1. The planet ruling the Ascendant degree is Venus it’s equally the strongest planet in the chart by planet strength and is located in the 11th house. So, the natives appearance and reputation is very Venusian and is prominent in groups. In Taurus, the native is fixed in attitude, beautiful, grounded and fruitful while in the term of Mercury carries out its manifestations though communication and in the Moons face it appears nurturing.

The midheaven is ruled by Saturn +5 and is the exaltation of Mars +4 the term of Mars +3 and the earth triplicity in the day chart is ruled by Venus +2 and the face of the Sun +1. Mars rules the midheaven degree it’s not particularly strong in planetary strength as shown above, so action over aggression is likely, it’s located in the 2nd house so the natives role in the wider world and where he is most visible is through his actions and lack of aggressive aggression in regard to resources and wages. In Capricorn is grounded, structured and disciplined while in Mars terms uses action and courage to carry out its manifestations and in the face of the Sun appears as an authority leader. It should also be noted the greater malefic rules the MC his public life is likely to cause him the most malice or ill effect during the natives life.

The Planets on the angles

The natives Greater benefic Jupiter is in the 1st angular house rising this immediately impacts his persona surrounding justice, religion, optimism and faith strong and visible to the public as it is also peregrine he is seen as strong, street smart and rebellious. The Sun is in the 9th cadent house and is conjunct the midheaven 3 degrees applying and immediately impacts his visibility to the wider world as an academic and religious authority figure of strength as the Sun is in its own face he also appears in the public eye this way.

1948 BA Morehouse College (Seattle Times)

1951 BD Crozer Theological Seminary (Seattle Times)

1955 Ph. D Boston University (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Mercury is in the 10th angular house in its own face, his career is immediately impacted by his strong intellect that appear in his career, through his words and thoughts. Theses 3 planets show significant elements of his more public life and personal strengths he displays.

1963 King was named Time Magazine man of the year (

1964 Dec 10 King wins Noble Peace Prize (Seattle Times)

The 7 planets dignity and debility

Sun – peregrine – His fundamental nature is rebellious and street smart with little outside assistance

Mercury – in its triplicity and face – He speaks and thinks for and with a group and is seen as an orator or thinker.

Venus – in its exaltation, term and triplicity – He believes love is above all else, acts with love for the love of a group.