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The Australian Jupiter Saturn cycles History & great mutation of 2020 (astrology blog)


I recently delved into the Australian inauguration chart and how synodic cycles have effected it over the years since inauguration. After some thought I have decided to share some of what I have found. I believe it to fitting given the current dramatic changes our country is going through and the knowledge we may garnish from the Saturn Jupiter cycle and its great mutation.


In traditional mundane Astrology the Jupiter Saturn cycle is a cornerstone technique to understand

This is an important and prominent year for Australia using this technique, The Australian natal inauguration chart, Historical consideration of each Saturn Jupiter conjunction since inauguration, The planetary Dignity & Debility, The Mutation from earth triplicity & 10th 6th 2nd house themes, The Mutation too air triplicity & 7th 11th 3rd house themes.

Natal Chart

ASC 29 Aries 26 Mars in 6th rules the 1st and 8th houses (Reputation finance service and conflict - service/sector ADF etc) MC 02 Aquarius 47 Saturn in 10th rules 10/11 (Government is seen as part of a group) Jupiter is dignified in sect and the 9th house of international communications, sea and aerospace traffic and universities in its rulership of Sagittarius it also rules the 12th of institutions hospitals and prisons. Saturn is dignified and out of sect in the 10th house of government and its rulership of Capricorn it also rules the 11th house of allies, states and senate.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred on the 29th November 1901 in the Australian 10th house at 14 Capricorn 00 - Here we can see a predominant 10th house theme with the Asc in the 7th house representing the conjunctions localised theme Venus the ruler of the 7th and significator of women's issues in the 10th of government. The ruler of the 9th house of international communications Jupiter was out of sect and peregrine.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where the Instigation of white Australia policy, Federal construction of the rabbit proof fence (crosses Australia) Women granted right to vote and run for parliament, Brisbane declared a city, Ada Evans becomes first female law graduate in Australia. The theme of government 10th house and equals 7th house are obvious slightly more subtle is the natural significator of women ruling the Asc as women’s equality was part of the theme.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred on the 10th September 1921 in the Australian 6th house at 26 Virgo 36 - Here we see a 6th house theme with the Asc in the 11th of government groups and allies conjunct the natal Asc of country's prosperity, reputation and health and its ruler in the 6th house of service health and armed forces.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where Commonwealth department of health established, Royal Australian Air force is established. The theme of service and health a country's army etc are 6th house themes and groups are obvious here relating to the 11th house.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred on the 8th August 1940 Australian 2nd house 14 Taurus 27 20th October at 12 Taurus 28 at 15th February 1941 at 28 Taurus 07 - Here we can see a less clear picture but the 2nd house of resources and expenditure are in focus for the war effort and the Asc is in the 8th house of death war and loans its ruler is in the 5th of sex issues.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where Australia spends big on the military in this period mid-1940 to mid-1941 forming the Australian women’s auxiliary air force and Australian women’s auxiliary navy, The navy launched 60 Bathurst class corvettes and declared war on Japan, Finland, Hungary and Romania. There is some political instability and the prime ministers budget is refused by parliament ending with him stepping aside for the new pm and a new budget. The interesting part of this is the ascendant ruler in the 5th house of sex issues and the instigation of women’s navy and air force. That ascendant in the 8th house of war and the conjunction focusing on resources be it a time of war is telling.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred on the 19th February 1961 Australian 10th house at 25 Capricorn 12 - We can see a clear 10th house theme with the Asc in the 1st house of the country's prosperity and reputation and its ruler Mars in the 4th (Desposited by Moon in first) of country's buildings and lands.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where Australia signs the Antarctic treaty, Parkes radio telescope opens (used for pictures of Moon landing), Governor General William Morrison dies in office. The country’s reputation 1st house in focus is clearly evident here and the and the 1st ruler Mars in the 4th of building and land desposited by the Moon really paints a vivid astrological picture of the Parkes radio telescope and its job at hand.

1981 The 1981 conjunction was the first in air before it resides there for some time from 2020 onward and was trine the Australian MC. This gives us a snippet of what things may be to come in 2020 as it was trine by aspect and in the same element of air as the upcoming one in 2020 conjunction. I can clearly see 7th house issues regarding detachment and communications with enemies and partners. And 11th house issues of government groups and allies in the 1981 charts.

This is the first conjunction in the air element! Let’s think detached rather than attached, manifest thoughts rather than actions, travel rather than stay, communicate rather than give, many settlements rather than single entities when it come to the upcoming new reality of the air conjunctions. Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where Harry Gibbs is new high court chief Justice, The ALP rewrite its socialist objectives, NSW brings in tight rules about funding elections and makes them state funded, QLD declares state of emergency over food shortages due to truck drivers’ strike, The razor gang enquiry reveals report into cutting government spending on functions.

Three Saturn Jupiter conjunctions occurred on the 1st January 1981 Australian 7th house 09 Libra 30 5th March 1981 again at 8 Libra 06 24th July 1981 at 04 Libra 56 In the first conjunction the Asc was in the 11th house of allies and government groups and its ruler Saturn was in the 7th of foreign affairs.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where Australia withdraws recognition of Pol Pot government in Cambodia. Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser allows American B52’s to use Darwin as landing base from Guam. The USA asks Australia to send peacekeepers to the Sinai desert. We can see the vivid connection between partnerships and open enemies 7th house and groups and allies 11th house here.

In the 2nd conjunction the Asc was in the 12th house of hospitals prisons and institutions and its ruler was in the 7th of foreign affairs In the 3rd conjunction the Asc was in the 9th house of international communication religion and university's and its ruler Jupiter was in the 7th of foreign affairs.

Things that occurred shortly after the 2nd conjunction where Medibank health scheme abolished

The federal government declares Great barrier reef a national marine park protecting it from Qld government. We can see 12th house themes of exclusion and 7th house themes of partnerships here that are evident.

After the 3rd conjunction and most importantly The church of England was renamed in Australia to the Anglican church you will see why later in this blog. We can see 9th house themes of religion and foreigners and also 7th house themes of partnership clearly.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurred on the 29th May 2000 Australian 2nd house at 22 Taurus 43 We can clearly see a major 2nd house theme with the Asc in the 1st house of country's prosperity and reputation and its ruler Mars in 3rd house of river road and rail traffic, close international countries, and television and media.

Things that occurred shortly after the conjunction where GST is introduced in Australia, World economic forum held in Melbourne Australia, Australia hosts the Olympic games in Sydney, QLD premier Peter Beatie excludes commercial trawling grounds for fishing by 35% of great barrier reef decreasing fish stocks by 15%. Obvious 1st house issues of reputation are prominent here but also communications, media and localised traffic. The 3rd also represents roads the media, railways, rivers and roads which are present.

Synodic cycle conclusions

The Australian chart is intrinsically connected to the 9th 10th 11th & 12th houses.

The house the conjunction falls in gives the grand theme while it is clearly evident that the natal house. The Asc falls in gives localised details as passed conjunctions have proven to show.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction manifests in there 1st natural motion of implementations.

Saturn in the 1st division and 1st natural place is the beginner of planets it slowly begins tangible manifestations. Jupiter in the 1st division and 2nd natural place is the completer of planets it slowly completes what Saturn begins There is a mutation from the earth triplicity & 10th 6th 2nd house themes beginning to occur. There is a mutation too air triplicity & 7th 11th 3rd house themes that is occurring.


A Saturn Jupiter conjunction will occur on the 22nd December 2020 in the Australian 11th house 0 Aquarius 29 - This conjunction is only formed once in this cycle so there will be only one focus area for Australia. But it’s a great mutation! Bonatti says this is the 2nd most important in his hierarchy of conjunctions. It’s also in the first degree of the bound Oner Doser says this represents new beginnings. It is also significant for Australia as a country because it is conjuncts its midheaven closely while the Asc is applying closely to conjunct the south node in the natal 9th house of international sea and aerospace travel, national universities, sciences, religions and laws at the exact degree it was at the 3rd conjunction in 1981 when the church of England in Australia broke from the church in England and formed the Anglican church of Australia. Its Ruler is Jupiter part of the conjunction in the 11th house of government groups, and the nation’s allies and legislation

The Fixed Star Ras Alhague conjunct transiting ascendant

The fixed star Ras Alhague also know sometimes as Rasalague, Ras al awwa, El Hauwe, Rasalange or Azalange among other similar deciphers is a light blue star in the head of the serpent charmer Ophiuchus. According to Ptolemy it has the nature of Venus and Saturn. Alvidas believed its was the nature of Jupiter and Mercury. Ebertin and Hoffmann associate the star with Saturn Venus and Neptune. Overall there appears to be negative issues with woman and toxicity while mature approaches to finances and religion are generally positive. There is also an association with pandemic infections with this star which we can't ignore, However I have not concluded my own research yet so will er on the side of caution with all of the above until I have done so which I will do in the coming month.

Critical 2020 chart mentions

The conjunction occurring in the 11th house of groups government bodies and legislation.

The Ascendant at time of conjunction at the same degree as 1981 in 9th house

The ascendant conjunct the fixed star Ras Alhague

It’s a great mutation to Air things will become more detached and intellectual.

Its mode indicates something that will be fixed and long lasting.

It occurs in the first degree of air so it represents a new beginning.

It is conjunct the Australian MC so Australia will appear or be seen in a new or different way.

Australia's bigger picture is a new beginning in regards to government groups allies and legislation.

Canberra will have a focus on international travel issues, judicial, religious, scientific and higher education issues.

The Asc is conjunct natal Jupiter and is applying to conjunct the south node nearly at the midpoint

of the past and decrease at the same degree as the 3rd conjunction in 1981.

2020 cycle conclusion

If I were to make a prediction then it would be that from and after the 22nd of December 2020 culminating in 2030 Australia would move towards political, judicial, religious, scientific and international travel and migration groups from a past era. That this new beginning would be long lasting and would manifest as a detached or separated alliance of government groups and legislators over law religion etc. These two reasons are why I believe a shift to past detached alliances such as CANZUK or other countries of the Queen's realm are likely to manifest after the conjunction. The star Ras Alhauge conjunct the localised ascendant and its link to epidemics can't be ignored and this new paradigm may well be part thereof or as a result of the global covid 19 pandemic we all face. It is also why I believe legislation and governmental groups of enquiries may legislate to detached and separate the way we use religion, university’s and travel abroad in the future etc. Much like the church of England was rehashed and detached in 1981 to become more prosperous Australia’s legislation regarding alliances such as the commonwealth of nations, law and religion etc may be rehashed and detached in 2020. Universities the courts airlines and churches will build bridges to past eras that are detached from them in some way yet have a strong underlying shared principle that will unite them and manifest a bright new economic prosperity if handled slowly and maturely.


Sky Script

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Parliament house Photo by Social Estate on Unsplash

CANZUK Map By RaviC - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This blog was written by William Lamont Bellingen astrologer Australia on the Saturn Jupiter great mutation of 2020.

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