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Sun Jupiter Aspects

Sun Jupiter Aspects

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

People who attain to be you will never be, and you are you because it’s something you did not seek.  Yes, that kind of sums you up let me explain, you can’t try and be lucky, and you can’t try to become enlightened, you can’t try to become the philanthropist, and you certainly can’t decide one day to gain wisdom it just happens. By the way you will probably meet many of these type of people in your lifetime some may help you to attain a little of what they have or even more importantly show you how they give.  Your best advice from the bottom of my heart is to say to you let go of attainment… allow yourself to let go of self-promotion as it will not aid you. But if you just be you and use your sincere buoyant and expansive approach along with your positive attitude there will be success and reward in the area of the chart the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

Sun Trine Jupiter

You really are attractive, no not like that you have grace elegance and mystic, you make others feel good just to be around you. Your positive outlook and self-expression your wisdom and story telling you just have this expansive aura. And that’s not all when you channel this into your ambitions it is like a lubricant for success. You will be receiving opportunities from higher up because of your ability to express yourself on their wavelength. Wisdom is at your disposal and expansive leadership roles await those who don’t rush success or self-promote, but allow their natural charm and charisma to be there ally in the area of the chart the Sun trines Jupiter.

Sun trine Jupiter

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Flamboyance is a key word and it unlocks the secrets of success in your world. So is stimulating and entrepreneur for when you use these 3 words consciously and creatively adapting them to your outward expression, and you can by the way. You will attract all good things with your interactions gaining wisdom and fortuitous events. Connections you make will be vital to your success and you have the ability to charm authority figures and achieve your ambitions through good relationships in the area of your chart the Sun sextile Jupiter.

Sun sextile Jupiter

Sun Semi Sextile Jupiter

I am going to use the word luck in the next paragraph, it’s a dodgy word because personally its meaning is skewed but I’ll use it in its most common context.  Some people are born lucky some people run into luck and some people seem to have none at all. Which one are you? You are none of the fore written my silky smooth friend, as you create your own luck no not from hard work necessarily although obviously sometimes you may especially if wisdom or charity is involved. Just using your me ness, your values and beliefs you become an opportunity creator for yourself and others in the area of the chart the Sun semi sextiles Jupiter. 

Sun semi sextile Jupiter

Sun Opposes Jupiter

There are so many ways people find inspiration in life, things that get them out of bed each day to keep on chasing their dreams no matter how daunting. Now in this life it’s like you have an internal sauce of positive inspiration that just keeps pushing you and not only that in doing so you may even inspire others with your optimistic approach. The danger is maybe sometimes you may get ahead of yourself or look a little pie in the sky to some. But they are not going to make what you are going to make happen! the advice is be selective and calculated in your pursuits and what you put energy into in the area of your chart the Sun opposes Jupiter.

Sun oppose Jupiter

Sun Square Jupiter

What is as lovely and untapped as your mind, it is my thought of you, and all the dreams that pass upon my nature. Ok this is kind of a love story but guess what it’s with yourself! You may have a little too much confidence or self-appeal, this isn’t really a bad thing I am only telling you because others would either like your confidence and are jealous or will be turned off by it, however there will be a few who may find it attractive some self-awareness is called for. The good news is this gives you an extremely creative edge your goals and optimism push each other to success in a way. And you tend to create opportunities or luck if you will, some fame is possible but it needs to happen naturally. Authority figures can use your exuberance to create and start new opportunities very successfully and although they may be coming from a totally different view point the clash works to both party’s advantage.

Sun square Jupiter

Sun Semi Square Jupiter

Prosperity is built on the foundations of hard work and self-belief. There I love writing these easy ones, oh ok like you I will have to put in a fair bit more effort to make this work how’s that? No dam! I will try again Life isn’t a picnic and your efforts are not rewarded easily but keep going I am cheering you on from the other side of the world sure you can’t see the assistance but it’s there. Feeling better, no well let me assure you that if like me if you keep making small consistent attempts to change your luck and expand what you’re doing then it will eventually show in the area of our chart the Sun semi squares Jupiter.

Sun semi square Jupiter

Sun Quincunx Jupiter

Can't catch a break can you! its as if your core nature and people of authority have a conspiracy to make you avoid luck and abundance, or even cause what appears to be injustice in your eyes. The secret over time is to realise that your best opportunities don’t come from your general dominant nature, positions of leadership or authorities. It may take some time before a grate revelation brings this information to you, but when it does your luck in the area of the chart the Sun is quincunx Jupiter may just change.    

Sun quincunx Jupiter
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