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Sun Mars Aspects

Sun Mars Aspects

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Mars

Great Men and Women succeed in life why? Is it luck, no the common denominator is hard work and often goes unseen to many, generally they must be driven by something. The intensity you show outwardly is absolutely vital to who you are and what makes you tick.  I would caution you to success this way, you have so much energy available to you it’s imperative you channel the energy into productive endeavour’s and if none are available find a way to sweat it out somehow, be conscious of not upsetting authority figures!  your drive may get in your way of success with them, give your energy to your authority’s in ways that aid them and in time those projects and endeavour’s will see you as the driving force and authority. The key is to curb your actions until due thought has been taken where you want to apply yourself, by all means unleash yourself but don’t jump the gun in the area of the chart the Sun conjuncts Mars.

Sun conjunct Mars

Sun Trine Mars

Is there a sacred yearning that sparkles in your eyes, it lights a passion burning that is tempered in this life, that’s right tempered passion! You have the art or nuisance of energy at full force with balance! You are born with the gift to direct your energy and enthusiasm positively and to exude passion for what you do.  This is a healthy outlet for power mentally and physically so what you pitch to others in positions of leadership will allow you to assert yourself. And for you to assert your own leadership that wields power and strength in the area of the chart the Sun trine Mars.

Sun trine Mars

Sun Sextile Mars

There is a lot to say for ambition for it is in fact the embodiment of success, if you don’t get up and go to work, if you don’t have plans and strike initiatives goals are never reached. This will never be your problem however as you are full of enthusiasm and its driven by the very ambition that creates success through your own actions. Pitch your ideas to those you look up to and your vigour and healthy approach will shine through in an inspiring way to them. By the way your energy and physical physic may very well aid you in some way or there is likely to be a lot of action and interaction with others in the area of your chart the Sun sextiles Mars.

Sun sextile Mars

Sun Semi Sextile Mars

If there was to be a picture of you here instead of words I would probably paste a picture of Bernie Sanders, why? No it’s not a political thing but a symbolic picture someone who has endured many decades who has battled and stood up for their beliefs and been unwavering in them. Someone who is relentless in the protection of others and will do what most find just too difficult. Someone admired for their bravery that many may find attractive. And although not completely succeeding in getting everything done, some things will change for the better simply because of your sheer will to never give up the good fight. What is difficult will be also acknowledged and admired in the area of your chart the Sun semi sextiles Mars.

Sun semi sextile Mars

Sun Oppose Mars

It is all fine and good to make a point or prove ourselves to authority figures, however I would advise you to allow some balance into your dealings as you will have the tendency to come of overly assertive in this lifetime. One of the pro’s is of course you will have the ability to strive for what you want with a go get it attitude and in some cases this will serve you well. You will undoubtedly excel in physical sports or competition. Your temperance will need to be consciously brought forward in dealings, negotiations, group dynamics and all partnerships as you may push too hard and if you do there may be friction caused with others in the area of your chart the Sun opposes Mars.  

Sun oppose Mars

Sun Square Mars

Some people are born with the ability to succeed by charming others or perhaps using their creativity you my friend are neither. I am not saying you don’t have some creativity or charm, however I see a point where in your effort to shape things in the right direction your likely to butt heads with authority figures. So being mindful of that in itself is an advantage there is an inner tension in you that needs to be released, there will be great advantages if you realise when it’s safe to push rather than when it’s not. Your athletic and this will give you an advantage on the sporting field, actually sports in general will be critical for you to maintain a calm attitude and equilibrium.  You certainly do have a great deal of determination and power to set your goals and attain them when focused, and whatever else you set yourself to succeed at in the area of your chart the Sun squares Mars.

Sun square Mars

Sun Semi Square Mars

Is madness born from frustration to assert your own free will, this is what it may sometimes feel like for you this lifetime. Minor conflict with authority figures and scuffles to set your ambitions where you feel they should be acknowledged are riff. You may sometimes feel alone in a battle of wills or assertion to get things done. Positivity grows over time as you learn to assert yourself in the most positive ways that least ruffle the feathers of others. Everyone struggles in some area of life and assertion may be troubling for you in the area of the chart the Sun semi squares Mars.

Sun semi square Mars

Sun Quincunx Mars

Conflict courage your vitality and fundamental nature are suffering from seven degrees of separation, you see these facets of your life where built into you as core principles at birth. Of course you don't realise your general nature is Mars like! so you don't realise you started the conflict! and you don't realise it was your motivation that got the project complete! and you didn't realise it was your hard work that was draining your energy!  But at some point in life, you will finally realise, and you will recognise it was all serving a greater purpose, its just that the purpose wont be clear to you for some time.

Sun quincunx Mars
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