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Sun Moon Aspects

Sun Moon Aspects

The Sun

Sun conjunct Moon Natal

Contentment is your ally and your vice, and harmony of the masculine and feminine nature a source of self-improvement for many over time is yours at birth. You have the ability to be in harmony especially in the area of life associated with the house the Sun & Moon conjunct in. The caution is that you may become complacent with one’s own lot if not motivated, look for any aspects to the house's that the Sun or Moon rule to further colour this influence. If the Sun is aspected to the house it rules or is in its domicile and not the moon or vice versa, then there will be behaviour either a must do (Sun) or must satisfy (Moon) that causes an imbalance to those areas of life affected by the houses involved, a healthy balance here is most favourable. 

Sun conjunct Moon

Sun Trine Moon Natal

People will give you something to think about, and subconsciously your neuron pathways are calculating the best way forward for each encounter you face this incarnation. You have the ability to develop bonds that are equal and of value to all. The pursuit of goals of emotional importance will be favoured by authority’s and you will have the drive to attain them. Emotional satisfaction and an ease where things just see each other eye to eye, will unfold in the area of the chart your Sun trines the Moon.

Sun trine Moon

Sun Sextile Moon Natal

Enthusiasm is a blessing to you and it may be contagious, you either have the ability to create what you want to be emotionally fulfilled by, or maybe there is something that just makes you tick on a daily basis that allows you to call upon help when an obstacle impedes you. Either way your inspirations and aspirations are attainable they won’t be served up on a plate for you, but where is the fun in that! the challenge to your success is what summons your attainment of your dreams in the area of your chart the Sun Sextile’s the Moon.

Sun sextile Moon

Sun Semi Sextile Moon Natal (Averse)

I realise you would like to be reading something positive about you fulfilling something close to your heart or about some authority approving of your relationships with them on a more personal or professional level. Unfortunately, in this instance I am going to be difficult and deprive you of that, how do you feel? Judging by this aspect in your chart I would guess accommodating and patient. It’s not ideal but you can still make some things real. Your head and heart are not going to get everything they want, but because they are coming from a place of compassion and understanding some of what you want will be received but there might always be something little you would like that never quite comes off, like the itch you can’t scratch in the area of life the Sun Semi-Sextiles the Moon.

Sun semi sextile Moon

Sun Opposes Moon Natal

Everyone has an OCD type thing, I myself need to find everything I do fun if it’s not fun I won’t do it or try and get out of it anyway. Then everyone has a thing that gives them emotional satisfaction for me it’s the occult omg it’s not hard to see now why I am an Astrologer hey. Example noted I here you say, well her is the news the Sun is the OCD thing and the Moon is the emotional satisfaction.  And they are playing that game where two strangers that have nothing in common have to stand facing each other for 20 minutes and ask each other personal questions, the one where they say if you do it you will fall in love with the other person. While at first you have to compromise on every issue the longer you go through life the more your personal, ambitions and relationships will fall in love with each other in the area of your chart the Sun Opposes the Moon.

Sun oppose Moon

Sun Square Moon Natal

When the Gods made you they were not contemplating allowing you to be given life’s most prized relationships or a silver spoon to scoop the gifts of what truly drives you to satisfaction. They did however give you something at your very core something that makes you tick that gives you the ability to create change. While sometimes others may not really want you to succeed or agree with you there is something inside you that just has a true ability to push the boundaries and get what’s needed, your true gift is that wonderful knack of being able to create self-made opportunities, independence can and will be an ally to you in the area of your chart the Sun squares the Moon.

Sun square Moon

Sun Semi Square Moon Natal

Do you hear voices sometimes? have they told you that it’s time to paint your soul in 3 steps? Ok you think I sound crazy well some of the people you share relationships with and even your own self, doubt your plans and ambitions, some people and situations just can’t get you at all. Listen to your highest self, work hard and in small increments towards your goals only then are they attainable in the area of life the Sun Semi Squares the Moon.

Sun semi square Moon

Sun Quincunx Moon Natal (Averse)

Your relationships, the things that give you emotional satisfaction on a daily basis and your own fundamental nature just don't see eye to eye. However, they share an unseen commonality and connection that is not yet apparent. Over time it will reveal itself so patients is your key to a happier life while you wait for the penny to drop in the area of life the Sun is quincunx the Moon.

Sun quincunx Moon
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