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Sun Neptune Aspects

Sun Neptune Aspects

Sun Neptune Aspects
Sun Neptune Aspects

Sun Conjunct Neptune

Caution is something I will talk of only once I don’t want to ruin the illusion your projecting however this one caution is of the utmost importance. You are blessed with the possibility to reach a wonderful life, one that many once having tasted it, would yearn longingly to taste again.  But too few reach it for there are too many seemingly lovely pleasures luring them from the path to enlightenment.  So here are some hard facts, you will undoubtedly seek either a high road of ideals in regards to idealising authority figures and decisions around drugs, law, creativity etc or a lower road of ideals in this lifetime.  The choice is yours the lower road is any easy path that begins with great fun but it may end in a less than ideal situation or possible downhill decline. The high road requires discipline and sacrifice, however will end in a life truly satisfied and admired. This great opportunity is yours to decide in the area of the chart the Sun conjuncts Neptune.

Sun conjunct Neptune

Sun Trine Neptune

There lay a mystic blanket in your world it conceals much but the mystery is alluring to many. You have at your fingertips an easy expression of illusion that will take you down a road of ideals of your choosing. Either way the road is easy, most will manifest a higher consciousness some a deeper state of illusion manufactured by a kind of drug or some kind of creative fantasy from the imagination, it's all available to you. You may idealise an authority figure and have intrinsic relationships with them. You may even have the spotlight put on your plans, ideas and values when you are put in the spotlight. Your dreams fantasies' and greatest visions are truly possible in the area of your chart the Sun trines Neptune.

Sun trine Neptune

Sun Sextile Neptune

When I look into the mirror all I want to see is glitter of the love that shines on you, I wrote that line when I was 18 I wasn’t spiritual at the time but looking back I realise I was talking about loving myself. I was wanting to see myself in an ideal situation I felt I deserved and was a reflection of who I was. So why are we talking about me? I just want to show you that this is what you should be doing because under this brilliant influence you can and will have the ability to seek out and manifest what you truly desire. The only word of caution is this, make what you truly desire something tangible and honest, there is a slight danger of addiction or non-reality but it’s only slight. Authority’s will aid you as you have a pleasant demeanour and creative approach to them you may think highly of your superior’s or farther this will also assist you in attaining your dreams in the area of your chart the Sun sextiles Neptune.

Sun sextile Neptune

Sun Semi Sextile Neptune

What we seek in life echoes in eternity (Gladiator) now you are not Russell Crowe but you do have something in common with his character and that is this. He dreamed big but he had many battles before freedom would be his and more importantly to help others gain their freedom also. Break down your dreams into small increments or steps then chart a course to their reality, encourage and interact with others for it is in communication and cooperation with others your dreams can be obtained. This influence can be tricky as can all dreamy influences beware unsavoury characters and people of lower vibrations be strong and resist temptations, seek visual creativity and have faith in the area of your chart the Sun semi sextiles Neptune.

Sun semi sextile Neptune

Sun Opposes Neptune

I am going to write a word on a mirror and hold it up to you, the word is dissolving. Now why the mirror it’s so you can see how authority figures and mentors see your persona it’s as if you are falling apart they don’t see a reality in what you are presenting to them. And your ambitions are flaky or without a solid foundation to be built on.  You do however have a gift and that is the ability to be an illusion, to be tranquil and mystic to others although your ideas may be unrealistic to many. You will still have a calming effect on people and some of the arts may be highlighted as a gift to you as well as a peaceful spiritual nature. You won’t idealise relationships as much as people with other Neptune influences however being conscious of the true nature of relationships is always wise in the area of your chart the Sun opposes Neptune.

Sun oppose Neptune
Sun square Neptune

Sun Square Neptune

Can you really shift reality? What are your most unrealistic dreams and desires… hmm interesting… ok admit your delusions and maybe some sinful behaviour? What we have here is your ability to shift the reality of your desires and ambitions and also your relationships with authority and statesman like figures. In an essence there is a delusion that creates and illusion. Are you picking up what I am putting down? one very positive one very negative but both with energy put into them form some sort of tangible reality in time. It could manifest as creativity, addiction, lying/acting, spirituality, religion, social activism maybe even all of the above life has its menu so since your reading let me tell you have a choice!  pick some good stuff to shift your reality in the area of your chart the Sun squares Neptune. 

Sun Semi Square Neptune

I would caution you not to be overly reliant on others to aid you in the fulfilment of your ideal situation or assume you will fit in without manipulating your true nature. There may be a tendency for you to be taken advantage of or for you to give to much of your true identity away for the sake of others or maybe to their advantage. The problem is they don’t see you as their ideal situation friend college or employee or boss, or if it’s an aspiration your view of your suitability is distorted in some way. My best advice is not to chase too hard. Be who you truly desire as an individual and allow the people and situations to come to you, they can see clearly where you can’t in the area of the chart the Sun semi squares Neptune.

Sun semi square Neptune

Sun Quincunx Neptune

Look to the house you find Neptune in for a more personal view of how your generation is affected in regard to illusion & delusion, any drugs, any of the arts, deterioration, idealism or any other things that are of the nature of Neptune.  Hey, you may be thinking of slipping into a dream or composing the world's greatest symphony or wasting away time, love or even yourself.  Without realising you're probably doing It by the simple contemplation. At some point a realisation that your ideals and fantasies are just that! may be the key to make them real in some way although not the way you thought in the area of the chart the Sun is quincunx Neptune.

Sun quincunx Neptune
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