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Sun Node Aspects

Sun Nodes Aspects

Sun Node Aspects

Sun Conjunct South Node

(Sun conjunct South Node opposes North Node)

In your previous incarnation it appears that you may have been at the centre of attention, possibly a public figure and more than likely one of authority, maybe you were just a father of many children, maybe you were a judge nothing is certain but either way more than one person was either forced to follow you or simply admired and looked up to you in some way. You may be born into this situation or given roles like this early in life but for you to succeed you need to let go and it won’t be easy, it may even feel wrong to do so but it isn’t trust me you will see. Look at the house the South Node sits in to gather information about the people and events that surrounded the situation and the outer influences, and then the sign it is in to colour your affliction or more personnel attachment to it in your past life. In this incarnation it is time to take a back seat and a role where leadership or too much attention hinders you. As you let go of power and influence, as you take a more hidden role you will begin to excel and your evolution in this lifetime takes place involving people and situation that are influenced by the house where the north Node sits, it will also be coloured by your personal connections associated with the sign the north Node sits in as well.

Sun conjunct S Node

Sun Trine South Node Sextile North Node

You love something, your good at something and it is very easy to fall into habits and skills developed in your previous incarnation. The farther or other authority figures may in fact aid this dependency or something your attached to may allow you without effort to easily fall into this rut. In this incarnation there is some hard work for you to do in sifting out your dependency on these things from a prior life. Look at the house the South Node sits in to gather information about the people and events that surrounded the dependency and the outer influences, and the sign it is in to colour your affliction or more personnel attachment to it. The answers to your evolution in this lifetime will come from the position of the north Node and the things associated with the house it is in and the way your attach to it with the sign it also sits in, activating this will involve you needing to be enthusiastic against your natural nature being creative and stimulating the awkward and unknown areas involved with the house the Sun sits in and the way your attached to it in the view of the sign the sun is in, that’s the key to your spiritual evolution in this lifetime. The farther or authority figures won’t be as eager to help you but they will come around when you think outside the box, hey and fear not nothing of worth will be lost you will keep your skills but you should drop what can only hold you back in this lifetime.

Sun trine S Node

Sun Sextile South Node Trine North Node

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that in a previous life you found situations regarding the house the South node sitting in fun, creative or stimulating and were attached to it by the way of the sign the South Node also sits in. In this incarnation the stimulation continues! something you do in the theme of the house the Sun sits in and attaches you in the way and theme of the sign the Sun is also in colours the situation.  There is a negative connotation to this that needs to be dropped in this lifetime you don’t need to be so creative or inventive you don’t have to continually have stimulation around the situation. There is a far easier way for you to succeed in the area of life attached to the house and sign the Sun sits in. The Answer is to affiliate yourself with situations around the house that the north Node sits in and affiliations to it in regard to the sign it also sits in. You will find when you do, it may not feel like the obvious choice or not logical but in time you will come to realise everything is now far easier. What you truly desire your aspirations and objectives just comes naturally to you with less effort, the farther or authority figures will assist you greatly and be more than happy to without your asking, they will see the merit of your undertakings as your spiritual evolution takes hold.

Sun sextile S Node

Sun Square Nodes

(Sun is Square South & North Nodes @ the bends)

In your previous incarnation there was something that you didn’t quit learn or master and in this lifetime you have a chance to finally understand the lessons. You were forced or restricted by situations surrounding both the houses the South node and Sun sit in and attached in some way in circumstances relating to the signs the South Node and Sun are also placed. There were undoubtedly negative issues surrounding that South Node position rather than positive ones so in this lifetime the key is to take that same situation and replace the South Node situation with the highest vibrational situations surrounding the position on the North Nodes house and attach yourself in the way associated with the sign that North Node also sits in. The goal is still related to the house and sign the Sun are placed in and success will come slowly and with sheer effort to succeed as you implement your spiritual evolution, this will not be easy it wasn’t last time but it will be gratifying to the soul.

Sun square Nodes

Sun Conjunct North Node

(Sun conjunct North Node oppose South Node)

It appears that you have previously lived a life longing to do what was something you felt at your very core so true to yourself, however it was unavailable to you due to you being in a situation involving the house the South Node sits in and your personal attachment to it being coloured by the sign it also sits in. Most probably because of a situation with your farther or authority figures opposing you in your efforts to do what you most dearly wanted. In this lifetime your key to personal evolution is to seek out people and situations associated with the house the North Node sits in, and affiliate yourself with those situations according to the sign the North Node also sits in. In doing so you find ways to become the farther or Authority figure yourself in this lifetime, and in doing so are able to fulfil what you were unable to resolve in your previous incarnation completing your spiritual evolution.

Sun conjunct N Node
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