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Sun Pluto Aspects

Sun Pluto Aspects

Sun Pluto aspects
Sun Pluto aspects

Sun Conjunct Pluto

Darkness is your river to kneel upon the banks, to dip into the waters of love within and give thanks, in a nutshell that’s Pluto. When it combines with the Sun you need to not only acknowledge the grief but undeniably what you need to bare is you pain, and upon sharing this with those who guide you or even publicly you transform yourself and others, your life’s scars may be visible to authority figures and they may also be part of the powerful transformation you can create and positive impact on the world at large. As life progresses you can become a powerhouse strong and resilient in the area of your chart the Sun conjuncts Pluto.

Sun conjunct Pluto

Sun Trine Pluto

Intense and honest appreciation between authority and yourself are at hand to you, you have the ability to change people’s minds! You will find you are trusted by many but don’t seek public recognition and could become a little reserved to take on leadership, although you may wield great power. What you want to achieve will be available to you and it will transform your life in some way by bringing up truth, honesty and cold hard facts. Laying all the above on the table and admitting this is what needs to happen is when and how you will turn the corner and achieve your goals. You will undoubtedly gain much and affect others leaving a lasting impression in the area of the chart the Sun trines Pluto.

Sun trine Pluto

Sun Sextile Pluto

Come and seek and you will find many souls talk within my mind, a key inner life lay beneath the tomb past souls would not release. OK so in case you’re wondering this is your presence and without speaking you are emitting this to your superiors and to the wider world. There is a complex depth to you that is intriguing a little scary to some and attractive to others.  There is no doubt that you were born with the ability to create change and affect other people in a deep and meaningful way. To delve into your ambitions at the deepest levels and manipulate what you seek to do for your own advantage not in a bad way it’s just that what you’re doing here is like clay in your hands, so you can make of it what you like in the area of your chart the Sun sextiles Pluto.

Sun sextile Pluto

Sun Semi Sextile Pluto

You are to feather the lovely hand of fearful woes, to seek out within silence a fear and let go, how you make your mark on the world this lifetime is likely not to be obvious to you or is likely to involve much work without reward. Now when I say no reward there is personal satisfaction and reward but not likely to be praise from above. You will have to work hard or do without recognition to a point, but if what you do here has depth of meaning then to a point it unlocks a true potential within you in some way in the area of your chart the Sun semi sextiles Pluto.

Sun semi sextile Pluto

Sun Oppose Pluto

Your intensity is overwhelming and people are a little concerned about what topics you may bring up or stones you may overturn. You may have an unsettling effect on key relationships as they may feel out gunned or pressured to move out of your way. Now this is more about mannerism and presence not about what you say or do, you are more likely to be more methodical and act alone. It’s your silence they fear, what are you up to really? Most likely nothing untoward at all but it still creates a deep tense unease and because of this roadblocks may be put up by authority figures to block your progress. You may also have an inner conflicted nature in the way you wield your authority and power. If however at some point a great burden is lifted or healing occurs, then personal accomplishments may be realised and less conflict will occur in the area of the chart the Sun opposes Pluto. 

Sun oppose Pluto

Sun Square Pluto

Deep within you a seed lay dormant, but all see its potential even before it germinates the fertile soil gives away its intentions to flourish. There I have written this to slap on your birth certificate to be inserted in the spot for the midwife to write her first impressions of this new child. This seed is your pain that as life begins is unrecognised but as life passes is…. your ability to recognise it and change the way you deal with it is clay in an artist’s hands. By the way you’re the artist, the world is your canvas, and you will paint your grief upon the lives of all that you touch. Sometimes it will be hard for yourself or others but it will always be beautiful in the end where in the area of your chart the Sun squares Pluto.

Sun square Pluto

Sun Semi Square Pluto

Deep within conflicting thoughts and confusion hinder relationships and your inner harmony, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that there is someone or something around you that offers healing and a subtle opportunity to release past hurts in this lifetime. Excellent I hear you say who is it? That’s the difficulty in this situation you can’t put your finger on just what or who it is. You are actually in danger of causing it to start without even realising due to not truly understanding or being unaware. It’s even possible there is someone who is just out of reach. You know what to do and how to heal if only the connection could be made. That’s the struggle we face sometimes in life persistence and time is your ally, and hopefully with both in some way this intense situation will come about and you will seize your opportunity with passion in the area of your chart The Sun semi squares Pluto.

Sun semi square Pluto

Sun Quincunx Pluto

Look to the house you find Pluto in for a more personal view of how your generation is affected in regard to power, the partly hidden, transformation and trauma or any other things that are of the nature of Pluto. There is something within you that needs to relax, an internal conflict that needs to let go of some intensity and a longing for approval that requires none. For at the moment you release this scar that you are burdening yourself with you will become all powerful in the area of the chart the Sun is quincunx Pluto.

Sun quincunx Pluto
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