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Sun Saturn Aspects

Sun Saturn Aspects

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Saturn

I know you take things seriously and although this may be brought about by either your internal ambition to create structure or by relentless external forces. One thing is certain life will get easier as it continues, you will either instruct yourself and if you don’t the universe will lay life lessons upon you and with each year a further sense of maturity is bestowed. A great ability to learn from elders is something you should seek out to sense where they are coming from, because before too long their wisdom and experience will be yours to give others in the area of the chart the Sun conjuncts Saturn.

Sun conjunct Saturn

Sun Trine Saturn

Tense or determined, a dry wit, a disciplined cognitive nature some may say. People you’re a goal setting dynamo! you apply your own personal ambition with temperament while understanding your abilities and their limitations. It will be no surprise to see you succeed in what you set your mind too. You may favour wise council of elders and benefit from contact with them greatly, there can be a real sense of rapport with one’s that have earned and gained wisdom and respect over time. Routines and structure are easy to put in place and guide you in the area of the chart the Sun trines Saturn.

Sun trine Saturn

Sun Sextile Saturn

If there is a person who has the psychological make up to set up routines, plans, restrictions and stick to them well that be you. And with that ability the enhanced dry personality that gives you the edge in dealing with serious deadlines and authority figures, that not only enables you to understand them and their views but for you in turn to get them to except yours as well. Design and dynamics are key words for you, work with them however they may fit into your world. You have a deep understanding of whatever your undertaking so rest assured from worry as you have ability and strength in the area of your chart the Sun sextiles Saturn.

Sun sextile Saturn

Sun Semi Sextile Saturn

I would love to say everything is easy for you but you probably wouldn’t understand what easy is. Things for you may always have to be worked on, ground out with effort, you may come across many bumps in the road of life. But I am telling you this, life’s greatest achievements are not made easily and if something is truly worth achieving you will achieve it. Your determination and resistance to what impedes you will give you lessons no teacher can pass on, not like life will teach you in the area of the chart the Sun semi sextiles Saturn.

Sun semi sextile Saturn

Sun Opposes Saturn

Never have I meet someone who takes me so seriously and then challenges me, what I am writing here in these paragraphs are symbolic floating metaphors not facts. You may find people sound defensive to you that’s because you may come across overly challenging of their true authority over you. You may well challenge authority in this lifetime or be opposed by authority that you will be forced to respect. Either way life lessons are on the agenda and you will undoubtedly as life goes on integrate a balance to this respect that will serve you well. You will gain the ability to be gritty and methodical to achieve your goals as life will coach you to be tough and resilient. The danger is if you don’t give that respect early in life then there may be some harsh realities to deal with in the area of your chart the Sun opposes Saturn.

Sun oppose Saturn

Sun Square Saturn

You may be wondering if you may succeed in what you wish to accomplish in this lifetime, inner tensions grow’s deep and restrictive among the weary and worrisome. Your plans simply need to shift and your ideas change from their internal thoughts. Self-restriction is a curse and also a blessing working within your own abilities is a gift that can serve many people well as long as you know what they truly are? Seek opinions of the masters around you and discipline yourself fairly. This includes when you do something well with the passing of time this is what makes people truly wise. Just remember wisdom is learnt from life’s passing in the area of the chart the Sun squares Saturn.

Sun square Saturn

Sun Semi Square Saturn

If I were to say that communication and working with those around you particularly in early life may be troublesome and restricting, then I would be telling you a half-truth they are in fact helping you. Each and every road block is there to build bridges with strong footings rather than the rickety ones you start out with.  Life is a whole lot of not my asking, but a whole lot of who I am being, shall you question the journey? Maybe you will question others and maybe they will question why your self-limiting until you understand you don’t need to be in the area of your chart the Sun semi squares Saturn.

Sun semi square Saturn

Sun Quincunx Saturn

Phil Collins once sang a song about feeling sad but then he looked at others and didn’t feel so bad. Your thoughts can be weapons of self-destruction so look for inspiration that’s all I am saying. Role models may have been absent in early life, and good leadership and structure may have been missing or more accurately just not visible to you. You may have felt the burden of responsibility and maturity although you don’t realise this as you have been forged for a hardened life. This is not even self evident to you and it will take some time for you to realise you can lighten up a little. Because guess what? you will do the hard work early and discover this about yourself later.

Sun quincunx Saturn
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