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Sun Uranus Aspects

Sun Uranus Aspects

The Sun

Sun Conjunct Uranus

There is something to be said for being a little crazy, after all every new concept was once science fiction or inconceivable. You know like all revolutionary inventions Uranus was always available to see, it just took an inquisitive soul to realise it was there all along in the night sky.  People may not understand you until you unveil your accomplishments' in a tangible or physical manifestation. Don’t let this curb what you’re doing understand you sometimes have an eccentric core and a unique way of dealing with life that will be highlighted to others. Authority figures in general may find your approach strange or genius. You’re not going to fit in so don’t try as your bizarre bits are your edge to possibly becoming a mentor to others in the area of the chart the Sun conjuncts Uranus.

Sun conjunct Uranus

Sun Trine Uranus

What will be an intriguing part of life that will give it the excitement? And spontaneity you regularly crave, well it lies here in your chart. You are given a gift of creation, ingenuity and genius while the eyes of authority listen and understand where you’re coming from.  You are also blessed with the ability to implement your ideas in a positive way that suit your own needs while still being harmonious with others. Your ideas are likely to see the light of day and be seen in the wider world positively in the area of the chart the Sun trines Uranus.

Sun trine Uranus

Sun Sextile Uranus

Well there is nobody quit like you is there? But you already know this why you created you after all. There is a depth of bizarre genius inside you that people will be quite fond of really. And in turn you will gain some extremely interesting connections yourself, ones that may give you a sudden helping hand or creative influence. You may also create and I will emphasise the words (you will create) in this area of your life. Most likely your desires will have a little attention on them that is mainly positive and the way you look may be interesting or unique to you which may highlight compliments. You cope remarkably well with any sudden changes or interruptions to life, in fact they may well assist you as a positive creative stimulant one that you crave anyway.

Sun sextile Uranus

Sun Semi Sextile Uranus

I am going to be in different and say that your idea simply makes no logical sense. Right! Firstly the fact I used the word logical should be your red flag to take no notice of what I say as your ideas are based on intuition and feeling not logic. But I have to be honest with you and many will be, some without favour as your ideas may be to out of the box for many. You may have to work very hard at getting your ideas across and bridging a gap to superior’s that may fan your ambitions. Don’t lose heart what is truly unique about you is your style that is in replicable and beautiful, embrace what makes you special in the area of the chart the Sun semi sextile Uranus.

Sun semi sextile Uranus

Sun Oppose Uranus

What they say about revolutions I have heard is that governments don’t like them. However sometimes the majority of the people do! And the government is overthrown. So here is the deal, sudden changes of power are likely to be affected between you and authority figures some pleasant and unexpected some not so pleasant, unexpected or possibly shocking.  In this same way that you attain to achieve your goals similar afflictions and interactions are possible. You will most definitely be a unique individual and change is possible but it will never be and easy transition, so just be aware that interactions with others are volatile and chaotic in the area of your chart the Sun opposes Uranus.  

Sun oppose Uranus

Sun Square Uranus

Inspiration….   Ehh I should probably write something else but at the core that one word really does some up this area of your chart. Hmm well your life is undoubtable to have some sudden twists and turns. The irrational mind is in control internally pushing your core beliefs and ambitions not always a bad thing not always a good thing but always interesting. Are you creative hell yes! There may be some interesting confrontations with authority figures you will need to find the ones that admire you thinking outside the box or autonomously that’s where your comfort zone is, seek independence under authority or be it yourself in the area of your chart the Sun squares Uranus.

Sun square Uranus

Sun Semi Square Uranus

Avant Garde is but an un beautiful art form, where the art is not the focus but the mind that creates it bent in all its eccentricities. There is always something to be said when you’re around your uneasy with your own striking independence and autonomy. You may give the impression you like to be alone and 5 min later wonder where your friends are. Allow your abrupt mind to dwell on more creative things, given time you can show creativity and flair. This is a placement of embracing all that is bizarre and owning it in the area of your chart the Sun semi squares Uranus.

Sun semi square Uranus

Sun Quincunx Uranus

Look to the house you find Uranus in for a more personal view of how your generation is affected in regard to creative expression, mechanics, inventions, nervous system, astrology and other things of the nature of Uranus. Something is not obvious at first much like Uranus it’s there, but you need to feel more closely. Like in the dark fumbling for a switch there is tension in you wanting to burst free but it can't be found, Stay calm and use your most creative thoughts as you become aware of your eccentricities and novel approaches to life in these areas you will realise they are the mechanism to find the switch! In the area of the chart the Sun is quincunx Uranus.

Sun quincunx Uranus
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